“We need to teach students how to solve problems…” – Katie Schlotterbeck, middle school science teacher

Edison Sailing Center

“The Reach curriculum is very flexible. It’s also easy to teach. You don’t have to make the topics exciting – they’re already exciting for students. I like that the modules are inquiry based. Too many times, students are given a set of directions to follow. I like to say, Here’s the question, now how can you solve it? They’ll draw, test, and come back to the drawing board until they get their answer. We need to teach students how to solve problems, not just how to follow directions.” –  Katie Schlotterbeck

Katie Schlotterbeck is a middle-school science teacher at St. Michael Lutheran, a National Blue Ribbon School in Fort Myers, Florida. Katie was part of the five-site pilot Reach pilot program in 2012 and continues to implement Reach as a partner of the Edison Sailing Center.



Edison Sailing Center

Fort Myers, Florida