Staying Engaged with Sailors: Lake Minnetonka Sailing School with Jessica Haverstock

DF65 Racing at LMSS.

US Sailing: How are you engaging your members and community during this time through remote control sailboat racing?

Jessica: “Our team was thinking about ways in which we could continue to engage our audience, teach them about sailing, and stick to social distancing regulations. RC Sailing came up during a brainstorm discussion and everyone quickly latched on to the idea. We did some research and found the DragonForce65 to be the boat of choice. It is fairly quick to assemble, low-cost, and raced nationally. LMSS purchased one boat along with two other staff members. We contacted Chuck at and he provided us with a discount code. From there we promoted via LMSS social media, with local fleets, and within our local yacht club. At this time we have over 20 boats signed up!

US Sailing: What impact has this had on your members in terms of staying engaged while staying safe?

Jessica: “You can sail an RC by yourself or with a group. RC Sailing has kept our community engaged in sailing while still allowing people to be socially distant. It has also allowed people new to sailing to try it out. My fiance Jake is not a sailor and has loved taking out the DF65! He has more tiller time on the boat than I do! We are in the park on weekends sailing the boat and people stop to watch and ask questions (6′ away of course). It will be a great recruitment tool when we are able to get more people out racing in the near future.

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