Innovation Sets Sail with Kilroy Realty’s Partnership with the US Sailing Team

US Sailing Team 49erFX athletes, Stephanie Roble and Maggie Shea training in Rive Del Garda, ITA

Kilroy Realty (Kilroy) proudly supports the US Sailing Team as they prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“We are thrilled to be the primary sponsor of the US Sailing Team,” says John Kilroy, Chairman and CEO of Kilroy. “At Kilroy, our corporate giving program reflects our core belief that strong communities, growing industries, and a healthy planet are critical for a thriving future. We pride ourselves on our commitment to programs that promote these ideals – to provide opportunities for people to achieve their dreams.”

The comparison of real estate and competitive sailing is no coincidence. Kilroy Realty’s philosophy has been intrinsically tied to waterways and commerce, establishing the company as the preeminent West Coast real estate developer, owner, and operator. “It’s the foundation of our company,” says Kilroy, whose leadership took the business to the next level with its 1997 IPO.

US Sailing Team Men’s 470 athletes, Stu McNay and Dave Hughes training in Newport, RI

Kilroy Realty is recognized now as an industry frontrunner in various categories across the globe, including an ever-growing portfolio of standout, mixed-use properties, thoughtful workplace design, and exceptional building operations. Kilroy’s goal is to push forward the commercial real estate status quo. John himself is a world-class sailor, a 9x world champion, and has set numerous course records. He also is a seasoned kiteboarder and surfer. Through all, Kilroy – the man and the company – are never far from another challenge, by land or by sea.

“My Dad was a world champion deepwater sailor,” says Kilroy, now mentoring his son in the sport. “It’s a legacy that shapes our business and my life.”

“A commitment to sustainability is at the foundation of everything we do,” says Kilroy. As one of the country’s most noted LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) developers with a pledge to have carbon-neutral operations by year-end 2020, Kilroy takes its commitment to the environment seriously.

“It takes a team with a single vision, a shared dedication, and a mutual trust to win, especially on the water. For me, sailing isn’t an avocation; it’s a reminder and a challenge of how to do better in all ways. It’s a reminder of our company’s philosophy: Kilroy – where innovation works.”