French Olympic Week: A Quick Turnaround from Mallorca

Steph Roble (East Troy, Wis.) and Maggie Shea (Wilmette, IL) on a light wind training day ahead of French Olympic Week 2023 in Hyères, France | Photo by Allison Chenard, US Sailing Team

HYÈRES, FRANCE (23 April 2023) – The US Sailing Team is back on the water for Semaine Olympique Française “French Olympic Week” just two weeks after the Trofeo Princesa Sofía in Palma de Mallorca, Spain and only an hour’s drive east of the Paris 2024 sailing venue. The two regattas are a popular combo for athletes on the campaign trail because of their proximity of timing and location, and provide vital opportunities to spar with the international fleets on the path to Paris 2024. Racing will take place April 24-29 for almost 1,000 athletes from over 60 countries on the Mediterranean Sea. 

The conclusion of French Olympic Week will wrap selection procedures for the 49er FX and Nacra 17 for the 2023 Olympic Test Event and 2023 Pan American Games. The top finishers with the highest combined scores from the Princess Sofía and French Olympic Week will represent the USA at the events and have the chance to secure early selection for Team USA at Paris 2024 if they make the podium at the Test Event. 

Coming into French Olympic Week, US Sailing Team’s Steph Roble (East Troy, Wis.) and Maggie Shea (Wilmette, IL) have five points from the Princesa Sofía against their only competitors and fellow seasoned Olympians Paris Henken (Coronado, Calif.) and Anna Tunnicliffe (Pittsburgh, Penn.) with 15 points. 

“We took some time off after the Princesa Sofía and hit the water in Hyères four days ago,” said Stephanie Roble. “We went through our process of getting the boat rigged, testing kites, tuning and making notes of our settings, and speed testing with some training partners. Our time here has been great and we’re ready for the week ahead with some solid competition and what’s looking like a very sporty start to the regatta with winds forecasted in the 20s to 30s.” 

Winds in the 30s qualify as a French mistral, common during the change of seasons. Competitors are preparing for strong northwesterly winds the first two days of scheduled racing.

As the only USA Nacra 17 team on the water at both events, US Sailing Team’s Sarah Newberry-Moore (Miami, FL) and David Liebenberg (Richmond, Calif.) are entering French Olympic Week with a set of goals that are more process-oriented than qualification-driven. 

“After a light air event in Palma we learned that we had to make some changes to get quicker on the bottom end of the breeze range,” said Newberry Moore. “Pre-French Olympic Week training has been going well and we are keen to take as much learning out of each race as possible this week so that we are able to execute at a peak level when the stakes are high. Hyères is one of our favorite places in the world to sail and we are excited to celebrate one year back on the circuit since I gave birth. This week we strive to work hard and take the progress on our big picture goals as wins along the way.” 

On the water for the USA: 
  • 49er 
      • Ian Barrows & Hans Henken, US Sailing Team 
      • Andrew Mollerus & Ian MacDiarmid, US Sailing Team 
      • Nevin Snow & Mac Agnese 
  • 49er FX 
      • Stephanie Roble (Tokyo 2020) & Maggie Shea (Tokyo 2020), US Sailing Team 
      • Paris Henken (Rio 2016) & Anna Tunnicliffe Tobias (Beijing 2008 & London 2012) 
  • Men’s Formula Kite 
      • Kai Calder, US Sailing Team 
      • Markus Edegran, US Sailing Team 
      • Casey Brown 
      • Evan Heffernan 
      • Adam Keaton 
      • Noah Runciman 
  • Women’s Formula Kite 
      • Daniela Moroz, US Sailing Team 
  • ILCA 6 
      • Charlotte Rose, US Sailing Team 
      • Lillian Myers 
      • Christina Sakellaris 
      • Hallie Schiffman 
  • ILCA 7 
      • Daniel Escudero 
      • Ford McCann 
  • Women’s iQFOiL 
      • Dominique Stater, US Sailing Team 
      • Bryn Muller 
  • Nacra 17 
      • Sarah Newberry Moore & David Liebenberg, US Sailing Team 

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Results: will become available when regatta begins – check above event website for updates 

Tracking: available for the Finals and Medal series starting April 27 

Race Schedule: 

      • Qualifying Series: April 24-26 
      • Final Series: April 27-28 
      • Medal Series: April 29 

Editorial photos: (No password to download) – provided by Sailing Energy and Allison Chenard | US Sailing Team (please reference metadata for credits) 


Contact: Allison Chenard, | US Sailing Team Media & Communications