#FitnessFriday on The Starboard Portal: Yoga For Sailors

#FitnessFriday Workout of the Week: Yoga For Sailors – Hiking Strength Edition


Sailing Performance Training (SPT) has developed a “Yoga for Sailors” series to focus on sport specific training with the practice of Yoga. This week’s session is focused on hiking strength by utilizing many single leg squat isometric holds. The goals is to challenge those hiking muscles while activating your core and upper body, all with a concentrated breathing routine through each movement.

Join Lisa Palmiotto at Sailing Performance Training as she guides you through this concentrated hiking strength session. Learn the techniques and fundamentals of yoga to increase your sailing fitness and recovery and how to utilize these useful exercises to add to all sailing workouts!

Additional Information for YouTube description: Want an affordable, individualized workout program? Visit Sailing Performance Training for more information.