US Sailing Introduces “Crew Meetings” for Additional Member and Staff Engagement with Quarterly, Virtual Office Hours

US Sailing, the sport’s national governing body, is proud to introduce quarterly, virtual office hours called Crew Meetings, inviting US Sailing members and staff leaders to meet and discuss the latest topics in sailing. On Tuesday, June 6 from 5-7pm EDT, the first Crew Meeting will invite all US Sailing members to bring their own questions and feedback to US Sailing leadership. During the 2-hour session, attendees will separate into breakout rooms for more concentrated conversation.

This is the latest endeavor by US Sailing to connect with its valued members, facilitate discussion, encourage the sharing of best practices, and create space for members to hear from their counterparts and colleagues. Previously, US Sailing has hosted two Stakeholder Summits and five Listening Tours aimed at these efforts. The Stakeholder Summits, held in Jamestown, RI in November 2021 and New Orleans, LA in October 2022, provided opportunities for the leadership of sailing organizations to meet with the leadership of US Sailing and share ideas and perspectives about sailing within specific regions of the United States. The roundtable environment between the attendees and the Board of Directors/US Sailing Leadership fostered an exchange of ideas, brainstorming, and ideation for topics including growing and appreciating volunteers, best practices in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and the Siebel Sailors Program.

So far, five Listening Tours, spurred on by US Sailing Board President Rich Jepsen, have been conducted in Chicago, IL in July 2021, New Orleans, LA in October 2022, throughout Arizona in December 2022, St. Pete Beach, FL in December 2022, and Bristol, RI in 2023. US Sailing Board President Rich Jepsen, CEO Alan Ostfield, and SVP Programs & Services Andrew Clouston met with local sailors and leaders from local yacht clubs, foundations, clubs, and commercial sailing schools to discuss how US Sailing can best support their efforts. More Listening Tours at various locations in the U.S. are to come.

“As the National Governing Body, the core of our mission is to help the sailing community however we can,” said US Sailing CEO Alan Ostfield. “Members can of course continue to reach out at their convenience whenever we can be helpful. Following up on the successes of the Stakeholder Summits and Listening Tours, we are excited to add the Crew Meetings as an additional, organized, regular way that we can connect with and support our members.”

Next Crew Meeting:

Tuesday, June 6 from 5-7pm

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