A Message from Jack Gierhart

The Focus is You


US Sailing is committed to uniting this fractured amalgamation of sports and building a cohesive community bound by a shared love for sailing. What we have in common as sailors is far greater than differences in boat design, sailing discipline or the kind of experiences we prefer.

Last year at US Sailing we successfully redefined our organizational structure, thanks to a committed Board of Directors and a flexible, dedicated staff. Today, we are built around one simple principle:  serving American sailors and their local sailing organizations. The structure is designed to connect us with you – all of you. We share one sport, and it uses wind to propel motion on the water. It offers experiences that can be life changing, are unique from any other sport and provides a lifetime of fun and excitement with our families and friends.  Those are the ties that bind all sailors, and US Sailing is honored to serve every one.