Recap: 470 European Championships

Blown Out for the Final Day of the Opening Series

Since the early morning hours, wind conditions exceeded 40 knots in Sanremo. The Race Committee decided the conditions wouldn’t enable any racing, and held the fleets on shore to wait for calmer conditions.

Organizes and race officials constantly monitored the situation, but shortly before 6 p.m. had to give up and were forced to display the AP over A flags.

Despite the lack of racing today, the Opening Series will conclude. With six fleet races concluded, the top ten teams, therefore, move directly to the medal races. Men’s team Stu McNay and Dave Hughes will finish the regatta in 15th. In the Women’s fleet, Atlantic and Nora Brugman will finish in 30th and Nikole Barnes and Lara Dallman-Weiss in 37th.

470 European Championships, U.S. Athlete Results:

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Men’s 470

  • Stu McNay (Providence, R.I.) & Dave Hughes (Miami, Fla.) – 15th, 5-11-6-12-17-14

Women’s 470

  • Atlantic Brugman (Winthrop, Mass.) & Nora Brugman (Winthrop, Mass.) – 30th, 25-28-29-UFD-23-13
  • Nikole Barnes (Miami, Fla.) & Lara Dallman-Weiss (Shoreview, Minn.) – 37th, DNC-DNC-DNC-24-UFD-25

Updated: 5/13/2019

Breeze on at 470 Europeans

The men’s Gold and Silver fleets and the women had their first race of the day in the late morning in some 15 knots of wind that increased and exceeded 25 knots, putting the crews to the test and causing several capsizes. Given the conditions, the Race Committee postponed racing. After some waiting, the Race Committee and crews headed out at for a 17:00 start. Fifteen/twenty knots of the breeze soon turned into over thirty knots, delivering a challenging race for everyone.

Tomorrow will be the final day of the opening series before the medal races begin on Tuesday. The first start is scheduled for 12:00 local time.

Updated: 5/12/19

Day Three Delivers Late Light Air Racing

Several hours of waiting ashore for organizers and sailors, but then the breeze picked up and at around 18:10 the Race Committee was able to launch the first and only race of the day for both the men/mixed and women fleets. In the late afternoon, an easterly of 10 knots that progressively reached 15 allowed for one race in each fleet. All of today’s racing was completed in around 40 minutes.

Today’s race contributed to better shape the provisional standing, wrapping up the men’s/mixed teams’ qualification. All the crews proceed to the finals and have been divided into Gold and Silver fleets, with the top 35 fighting for the medal race scheduled for next Tuesday. Tomorrow, men’s team Stu McNay and Dave Hughes will be competing in gold fleet.

Nikole Barnes and Lara Dallman-Weiss were able to make it onto the race course today. The pair finished 24th in their first race of the regatta.

Updated: 5/11/19

Day Two Greets Sailors with No Breeze

After remarkable conditions on the opening day of the 470 Europeans, the wind was not on the organizers’ and sailors’ side for day two.

Despite a long wait, onshore and offshore, a decent breeze did not materialize and therefore, the Race Committee decided to abandon racing for the day.

Updated: 5/10/19

470 Europeans Kicks-off with Sunny Skies and Fifteen Knots

The Gulf of Sanremo has lived up to its fame, delivering perfect conditions for the opening day of the 470 Europeans. Blue, sunny skies and an easterly breeze exceeding 15 knots welcomed the participating teams.

The crews, 70 men’s teams split into two groups and 40 women’s teams, reached the race area on time for a noon start, but were forced to wait a bit longer offshore for the wind to set in direction and intensity. After nearly two hours, the international Race Committee was able to fire the Europeans’ first signal for the women’s fleet, shortly followed by the two men’s groups. The ideal sailing conditions enabled to wrap three races, shaping a first, very preliminary scoreboard for both the Europeans and the Open Championship.

Racing is tight in the Men’s fleet. Stu McNay and Dave Hughes had two top 10 finishes that will put them in 12th overall and just seven points outside the top three.

Atlantic and Nora Brugman sailed a consistent day and are wrapping day one in 31st overall. Nikole Barnes and Lara Dallman-Weiss were missed on the water today due to an illness that kept the team ashore. Now cleared to sail, the pair will join the women’s fleet tomorrow morning.

Updated: 5/9/19

Preview: U.S. 470 Sailors Head to Italy for European Championships


Bristol, R.I. (May 8, 2019) – Tomorrow, racing at the 2019 470 European Championships will begin on Italy’s Ligurian Riviera. Organized by Yacht Club Sanremo in co-operation with Yacht Club degli Aregai, the Italian and International 470 class, the championship will boast a truly world class line-up. The championship is open to non-Europeans crews; several teams from countries outside of Europe will be competing this week, some are coming from as far away as China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Argentina or Brazil, Malaysia, and India.

Fleets will be split into two groups: one for women and one for men and the newly introduced mixed crews. In total more than 115 teams have confirmed their presence.

The 470 Europeans consist of a series of fleet races and a final medal race for the top 10 teams in each fleet. The event opened on Monday, May 6, with teams finalizing entries and measurements. The opening series is planned from Wednesday 8 to Tuesday 14 and will be followed by the medal races and the closing ceremony.

Representing the United States, Stu McNay (Providence, R.I.) and Dave Hughes (Miami, Fla.) will be competing in the Men’s 470 fleet. Sibling duo, Atlantic Brugman (Winthrop, Mass.) and Nora Brugman (Winthrop, Mass.), will be competing in the Women’s 470 class alongside teammates Nikole Barnes (Miami, Fla.) and Lara Dallman-Weiss (Shoreview, Minn.).

U.S. Athletes Competing at 470 European Championships:

Men’s 470

  • Stu McNay (Providence, R.I.) & Dave Hughes (Miami, Fla.)

Women’s 470

  • Atlantic Brugman (Winthrop, Mass.) & Nora Brugman (Winthrop, Mass.)
  • Nikole Barnes (Miami, Fla.) & Lara Dallman-Weiss (Shoreview, Minn.)

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