Nordstrom and Bornarth: A Mixed 470 Team to Watch

VILAMOURA, PORTUGAL (May 3, 2021) – It was a monumental week for Louisa Nordstrom (Sarasota, Fla.) and Trevor Bornarth (Martin County, Fla.), two of the first sailors in the United States to set their sights and efforts in the brand-new Mixed 470 class, at the 2021 470 European Championships in Vilamoura, Portugal. Nordstrom and Bornarth are full-time sailors for the Oyster Bay 470 program, joined by Shawn Harvey (Miami, Fla.) and Augie Dale (Pewaukee, Wis.), and coached by Yevgeniy Burmatnov. The group is wrapping up a long stint in Portugal that consisted of training upon arrival, the 470 World Championship, more training, and finally the 470 European Championship where they placed 10 out of 34 (a fleet larger than both the men’s and women’s divisions) and qualified for the first medal race of their mixed 470 careers.

“Our week was filled with lots of highs and lows,” said Nordstrom. “We had plenty of moments where we were able to see the work pay off from the last three months, and while we were unsatisfied with our speed overall during the week in these specific conditions, we’re so motivated to get back to it when we return to the States.”

The mixed 470 class is a strong contender for the Paris 2024 Games and presents a unique opportunity that doesn’t come around often in the sport of sailing. Because 470s are traditionally sailed by same-gendered individuals, the pairings in the mixed discipline are brand-new worldwide and the stage is primed for any country to become the hot new team on the scene.

When asked about how this opportunity affected the dynamic of the fleet, Nordstrom commented “the mixed 470 class claimed about 4/5ths of the protests throughout the entire week- no one was willingly giving another team a single inch, and everyone was constantly fighting for the top spot. There was lots of flip-flopping and the class is still not yet consistent, which provides each competitor with plenty of opportunities to peek through and have their moments.”

The Oyster Bay 470 team will head back to the States on Sunday for two weeks of rest before hitting the water once again with determination to hone in on their weak areas and continue on their journey to becoming the world’s top mixed 470 pair.

“We want to thank our coach, Yevgeniy- he’s been a huge support throughout the past couple of months, and we’re really happy with the progress we’ve made,” said Bornarth. “Additionally, all the US Sailing Team athletes have been very helpful and encouraging here and we’re grateful for their support.”

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VILAMOURA, PORTUGAL (April 30, 2021) – The 2021 470 European Championship is officially underway at Vilamoura Sailing (April 30 – May 7), a venue that has become the sailing world’s go-to location amidst the pandemic thanks to their expert regatta management paired with their well-practiced Covid safety policies and proceduresVilamoura Sailing and the surrounding marina area has been the nucleus of Olympic sailing activity with Finns, Lasers, Radials, and 470s logging the hours on the water through a collection of training days, coachrun regattas, and official events. 

Vilamoura Sailing’s formula for safe organized racing spurred sailors from all over the world to flock with appetites for conditions that Olympic sailors are likely to experience in Enoshima at the 2021 Summer Games. 

On the starting line from the United States are the nominated Tokyo 2020 representatives in the Men’s and Women’s 470, Stu McNay (Providence, RI) and Dave Hughes (Miami, Fla.), and Nikki Barnes (St. Thomas, USVI) and Lara Dallman-Weiss (Shoreview, Minn.). Both teams recently raced in Vilamoura for the 470 World Championship, which served as the final qualification event for the last remaining spot to represent the USA at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the Women’s 470. This position was secured by Barnes and Dallman-Weiss. Carmen and Emma Cowles (Larchmont, NY) will also be in competition in the Women’s 470. 

US Sailing Team’s Head Coach, Luther Carpenter, said “Stu, Dave, Nikki, and Lara are ready to test their lessons learned over the last few weeks and are looking forward to another event to focus on starting, boat speed, tactics, and consistency over the length of the regatta. Conditions here can have Japan-esque flavor at times and are good reminder of what each competitor is working for. 

Louisa Nordstrom (Sarasota, Fla.) and Trevor Bornarth (Martin County, Fla.), and Shawn Harvey (Miami, Fla.) and Augie Dale (Pewaukee, Wis.) of the Oyster Bay 470 team coached by Yevgeniy Burmatnov and supported by Hunt Lawrence will also be representing the USA in Vilamoura. 

“The US is also proudly represented by those sailing for the same trophy and goals, with just as much focus and determination” continued Carpenter. “Carmen and Emma Cowles have been here since early February, are excited to show their swagger and skills, and aren’t phased at all by the competition.  The Oyster Bay 470 Team is also here, extending their residency in a similar fashion, with coach Yevgeniy.  Nordstrom and Bornarth are aiming at the impressive mixed fleet title, while Shaun/Augie Dale are battling hard in the men’s fleet. 

No matter what fleet they are in,” said Carpenter, “this is Olympic 470 sailing at the highest level, as everyone is gaining skill and momentum for Tokyo.  It will be an exciting week and is sure to deliver some great racing.  Fleet camaraderie and respect is high, as all of the competitors cherish the opportunity to race and are thankful for Vilamoura’s safe environment and conditions.

All boats are eager to sail in familiar waves and waters and against some of the strongest 470 sailors in the world, and supporters from home can get front row seats to the racing thanks to Vilamoura Sailing / Prow Media’s livestream starting May 4th.

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Allison Chenard, US Sailing Team Media & Communications