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Skill up logo - reversedThe Skill Up App brings US Sailing’s instructional resources to the fingertips of instructors and students. Built to support US Sailing’s skill development curriculum, the Skill Up App provides US Sailing members with access to skill tracking, instructional videos, and teaching resources. Any US Sailing member can access features by logging in with their membership info.

This page is designed to provide new and existing users information about how to maximize their experience with both the mobile and desktop platform.

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Getting Started

Make sure you (and your Organization are US Sailing members!
US Sailing membership is the key that unlocks the Skill Up program. The platform requires that the organization and all students be active US Sailing members. Additionally, in order to use the evaluation tools, your instructors must also be a current Small Boat Level 1 Instructors.

US Sailing offers a discounted youth membership rate of $20 per student for organizations that sign up their students in bulk. Please click the button below to express your interest in becoming a Skill Up program.

Skill Up Program - Expression of Interest Form

Download the App
Your experience with Skill up starts by downloading the app.  It is available for both apple and android platforms. Please click the link below to download the app for your mobile device:

How-To Guides
Below are how to guides to provide students (and their parents) and instructors an overview of how to use Skill Up.

Administrative (Dashboard) Tutorials

The Skill Up Dashboard website gives program leaders a powerful administrative tool. Your program's Skill Up Dashboard connects to your instructors and students via the app, giving you the ability to organize and manage classes, send push notifications, and record important information such as student attendance, learning progress, and level of skill. You must register to use this tool.

Has your organization already signed on to use Skill Up?
Access your customized Skill Up Dashboard here:

Skill Up Dashboard Log In

For guidance on how to use the dashboard we've created a four-part tutorial, led by US Sailing's Youth Director, John Pearce.