Start a Reach Program

Participating Sailing Centers

Short-Term Goals

  • Increase the quality of STEM instruction delivered by sailing centers throughout the US.
  • Increase youth environmental stewardship.
  • Create a sustainable and replicable model using sailing as an educational medium.
  • Create a resource pool providing tools and best practices.
  • Provide training, professional development, and mentorship to ‘Hubs’, ‘Sub Hubs’, and ‘Emerging Hubs.’
    Provide guidance, feedback, and direction for organizations seeking to improve their own programming, partnership building, and funding.

Long-Term Goals

  • Drive systemic change using sailing as an educational platform to teach STEM and environmental stewardship.
  • Inspire students to become environmental stewards and socially responsible individuals.
  • Create a network of Reach ‘Hubs” as “Sailing Centers of Excellence” improving current standards and developing best practices for other programs. Resources will be developed to help various levels of programming – from the initial stage of integrating Reach modules into an existing program to the cultivation of creating a leading STEM “Hub”.

Guiding Environmental Principles

  • Environmentally literate citizens are individuals who are able to weigh various sides of an environmental issue and make responsible decisions as individuals and as members of the community.
  • Quality environmental education improves everyday life and economic prosperity by protecting human health and encouraging stewardship of natural resources.
  • Creating a robust environmental education model in the region, will contribute to approaches that improve environmental literacy and behavior nationwide.

Who is implementing US Sailing’s Reach Program?

Northeast Regional Reach Network:

Mid-Atlantic Regional Reach Network:

Reach Programs: (new Regional Reach Networks will be developed throughout the US)

How can I implement Reach?

1. Register your instructors for US Sailing’s STEM Educator Course.
2. Purchase the Reach Educator’s Guide
3. Register your program with US Sailing.

When implementing Reach, US Sailing recommends all on the water instructor are US Sailing certified Instructors that have added US Sailing’s STEM Educator Course. Each location will have very different potential partner organizations. Start by contacting your local private and charter schools. Depending on your current relationship you may want to reach out to a science teacher and then an administrator. Our most successful programs have built relationships with local educators, schools, youth organizations, along with content specific professionals and organizations. US Sailing is available to offer tools, resources, and connections.

If you are interested in implementing Reach contact us.