Environmental Stewardship


An important aspect of STEM and Sailing is Environmental Education. Challenge yourself, your students, and your program to go green as we all work together to keep our waters blue. Remember, as educators we are role modules in words and our actions!

Check out this excerpt with links to Green Cleaning Products created by Community Boating Center. (Click to download and see links to products)

CleanGreen PDF

Reach Alignment to the Ocean Literacy Principles

  1. View Reach Alignment to Ocean Literacy Principles - Draft
  2. Sailor’s for the Sea – Clean Regattas Program
  3. RYA: The Green Blue – The Green Blue is the environmental awareness initiative developed by the RYA and British Marine Federation (BMF)
  4. Sailor’s for the Sea – KELP Kids Environmental Lesson Plans
  5. North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium (NARWC) – Safe Boating for Sailors and Whales
  6. 2016 Sailing Leadership Forum Presentation: Conservation without Consternation