Small Boat Instructor Programs

Master Instructor Trainer

Master Instructor Trainers certify Instructor Trainers to run US Sailing instructor courses

Master Instructor Trainers are experts in the field of sail training. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance. This is only open to current certified Instructor Trainers (ITs) in good standing.


  • Passed the  IT course with positive feedback from the Master Instructor Trainers.
  • Has been an Instructor Trainer in good standing for at least the last 5 consecutive years.
  • Has taught at least 10 instructor courses at the level for which they are applying for, resulting in positive feedback without any negative feedback from co-IT, candidates,  host facility, RTCs, employers, or parents of candidates.
      • *Courses must have been hosted by at least 5 separate venues.
  • Has a good record with the Education Department regarding timely submission of course paperwork, attitude, behavior, cooperation, and professional conduct.
  • Has a good record of responding to phone calls, emails and mail from both the US Sailing Education Department and candidates.
  • Has demonstrated a desire to further his/her education, experience and participate in professional development by attending available US Sailing events and activities such as webinars and symposiums
  • Has made "extracurricular" contributions to US Sailing such as serving as a member of the Training Committee or National Faculty, as an RTC, or as a presenter at a US Sailing Symposium or other US Sailing functions.
  • Has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the mission, goals, policies, procedures and standards of US Sailing and its Training Programs.
  • Preference will be given to those candidates who are certified in multiple disciplines, or at multiple levels within the same discipline that they are applying for.


All applications are reviewed by committee. Candidates may be evaluated while conducting a course and will be required to co-teach each level of Instructor Trainer course applicable with existing Master ITs. An Interview may be required.
A Final Evaluation by the Master Instructor Trainers, Education Director and/or Education Operations Manager will be completed before decisions are released.


Master Instructor Trainer designation will be for one year and will continue at the recommendation of US Sailing. The Master Instructor Trainer is expected to maintain the highest level of professionalism and teaching quality and to support the US Sailing Training Program. One Co-teach per year with a new Instructor trainer is expected.


The Master Instructor Trainer Application can be found here.