Increasing Membership Diversity Generally

One way to quickly engage with and market to a diverse community is to collaborate with an organization or institution that is already involved with the diverse community that you are targeting. There are minority, women, LGBTQ professional affinity groups for most professions (e.g., lawyers,doctors, accountants, IT, engineers, etc.) so there are lots of opportunities to engage adult professionals who may be enticed to try sailing or become a member.

These groups are often looking for meeting venues and/or unique events for their members and your sailing organization could offer to host a meeting for the group. The organizations' members will be interested in coming because it’s a new and interesting opportunity for their members and for your organization it’s a chance to meet a new group of potential members/program participants.  So it’s a win-win for everyone.

Please click on the row to see more detail about organizations and groups that you may want to reach out to. Many of these organizations have regional/local offices as well: