Materials for Race Officers

Scoring Programs


The following programs have been evaluated by members of the Race Management Committee and other US Sailing officials

These programs are listed as a service to members of US Sailing and the sailing community. No warranty is implied. Programs listed on this site have been tested to ensure that they conform to the scoring requirements of The Racing Rules of Sailing.

US Sailing does not specifically endorse any program, but encourages users to consider all aspects of any program – including ease of use, documentation, support (including location of support for timely response), compatibility, and ability to upload and download data for evaluation and distribution – before selecting it for use.

Program authors who are interested in having their programs evaluated and included in this list should contact US Sailing at

Please note that Excel/spreadsheet-based scoring options are not currently being evaluated due to the potential for errors to be introduced through easy-to-make changes.

Scoring Program Reviews are listed in three categories:

  1. Standalone programs that do not rely on an internet connection.
  2. Standalone scoring programs that rely on an internet connection for operation.
  3. Scoring programs that are part of a comprehensive regatta registration and management system. Only the functionality of the scoring program itself has been evaluated.


1.     Standalone Scoring Programs

Hal’s Race Results
  • Windows
  • One Design and Portsmouth Yardstick, IRC, IRM, Small Cat, SBR, CYCA, ECHO and HIS supported
  •  Basic Program is Free
Hal’s Race Results can be downloaded from: and is available from the Microsoft Store. It is free for any club or organization to use.

See web site for complete details. A web-based fee-for-use version is available.

Program is straightforward and is supported.

  • Runs on multiple platforms including Windows, Unix/Linux & OS X
  • Freely available
  • Supports several scoring systems including PHRF and Portsmouth
Requires installation of JAVA; information provided on the JavaScore website.

JavaScore is an Open-Source project under the GNU General Public License, and it and the code for it are freely available for downloading from JavaScore website.

ORC Scorer
  • Windows
  • ORC Scoring
ORC Scorer is available at ORC Sailor Services. An ORC Scorer User Guide is also available.


Race Log
  • Windows
  • One-design
Can score one-design regattas and entire seasons.

Can download shareware version for free or purchase pro version. All details on the web site at:


  • Windows
  • Freely available
Sailwave is based in the UK and supports RYA PY & NHC, USSA PN, SCHRS, Texel, PHRF (TOD & TOT), CHS, IR2000 (IRC & IRM), ECHO, Victorian, General TCF, RORC.

Full details, including a user group and user manual, are available at:


St. Pete Scorer
  • Windows
  • One-design
  • Available for purchase
Advertised as a user-friendly one-design scoring system. Web site provides more documentation. The program can be purchased on the web site:
ZW Sail Regatta Scoring Program


  • Windows
  • ORC, SW Factor, Texel Rating, ISAF SCHRS, Portsmouth, PHRF, IRC
  • Freely available
Advertised as easy to download and install with a good user interface. Used in Italy and the Netherlands, where it is based. Complete information and download are available at:

2.    Internet/Cloud Based Standalone Scoring Programs

HalSail Web
  • Works with any browser
  • One-design and Portsmouth Yardstick, IRC, IRM, Small Cat, SBR, CYCA, ECHO and HIS supported
  • Fee-based use
Provides all the functionality of standalone version but works on any device with a browser.

More information available at:

Race Log Web
  • Works with any browser
  • One-design only
Nothing to install; mobile-enabled.

See web site for additional details:



  • Web-based system designed for smart phones and tablet use
  • One-design only
There is nothing to install.

See web site for additional details:


3.    Scoring Programs Part of Integrated Regatta Management System

  • Works on any browser
  • Scores one-design, PHRF, IRC, Portsmouth, Pursuit, IRC,  Club Series
A set of club management systems including club websites, member billing, point of sale, booking and reservations, and regatta modules. The regatta module includes a regatta scoring program.

For complete details and pricing, visit


  • Works with most web browsers
  • Scores one-design, PHRF, Portsmouth and ORC.
Phlotilla states that it is an online community providing sailors, yachtsmen, fishermen and recreational boaters of all kinds with useful, engaging and easily accessible tools and resources.

The program includes a regatta management system with race scoring.

For additional information please refer to:


Regatta Management Solutions
  • Works on any browser
  • Supports PHRF, one-design, junior and pursuit regattas
A set of online race management tools for yacht clubs, sailing clubs and regional organizations for many types of sailing regattas. Tools include online event schedules, registration, payment processing and scoring. Supports mobile event sites.

For information and ordering:


Regatta Network Online Scoring
  • Works on any browser
  • Supports one-design, PHRF, Portsmouth, IRC and ORC
Initially developed with support from US Sailing. A comprehensive set of tools for regatta management.

For information and ordering:

Yacht Scoring
  • Works on any browser
  • Supports one-design, PHRF and others
  • Fee-based
Web-based yacht racing management and scoring system for competitor registration, event management, competitor and media communications, and race scoring.

For information and ordering: