Race Officers

Materials for Race Officers

Forms, Diagrams, Equipment and Other Items Useful in Race Management

This portion of the Race Officer’s site is designed to provide useful Race Management Committee “tools” used in the administration and running of races. An example of a “tool” is a piece of equipment, a useful form, a publication, a set of graphics for courses or flags, or any other “tool” that somebody has found especially useful and has the potential for wide application.

Download the 2017-2020 Notice of Race Template in Word.

Download the 2017-2020 Appendix K – Notice of Race Guide as a PDF.

Download the 2017-2020 Sailing Instructions Template in Word.

Download the 2017-2020 Appendix L – Sailing Instructions Guide as a PDF.

2017-2020 US Sailing Protest Form

Download the US Sailing 2017-2020 Protest Form.

Suggestions or ideas for items to include is this section should be sent to the RMC Web Liaison.