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US Sailing’s Rolex Yachtsman & Yachtswoman of the Year Awards

The top performing U.S. sailors of the year have been shortlisted for US Sailing’s 2019 Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year awards. The annual determination of this year’s awards represents a wide range of accomplished sailors at different stages of their respective careers and from various disciplines in the sport. All six of these finalists represent their own unique pathway to the top of the sport and have each mastered their craft with a dedicated focus on precision and performance on the grandest stage.

Top (L to R): Mike Martin and Adam Lowry, Daniela Moroz, David and Peter Askew. Bottom (L to R): Berta Puig and Bella Casaretto, Willem Van Waay, Nicole Breault

On Thursday night, February 6 under the lights aboard the historic and storied USS Midway in San Diego at Navy Pier, the best best U.S. sailor athletes of 2019 were honored among family, friends, peers, competitors, and contributors to the sport of sailing.

International 505 World Champions, Mike Martin (Mill Valley, Calif.) and Adam Lowry (Mill Valley, Calif.) and IKA Formula Kite Class World Champion Daniela Moroz (Lafayette, Calif.) earned this year’s special distinction and were celebrated along with the 2019 award finalists who were all participating in the evening program’s festivities.

In February, the top performing U.S. sailors of the year were shortlisted for US Sailing’s 2019 Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year awards. The annual determination of this year’s awards represented a wide range of accomplished sailors from various disciplines in the sport.

The winners were presented with US Sailing’s Rolex® Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year award trophy along with specially engraved Rolex® timepieces. These honorees join an elite group of notable national sailors.

The 2019 finalists were listed on a ballot and presented to panels of past award winners and sailing media journalists who voted for the winners. In an exciting twist to this year’s process, the fans had an opportunity to be part of the selection process and vote online for the 2019 winners. Votes from the three voting groups, including the sailing media, past award winners, and the fans counted equally towards determining the winners.

Learn more about the 2019 award winners:

Mike Martin (Mill Valley, Calif.) and Adam Lowry (Mill Valley, Calif.): It was yet another triumphant season on the 505 circuit for Mike Martin and Adam Lowry. The California tandem won the 2019 International 505 World Championships held in Fremantle, Australia in January. They defeated the large fleet of 89 teams with a dominating performance. Martin and Lowry clinched the regatta before the final day of racing and did not race in the final two races of the championship and still won by 14-points over Mike Holt and Carl Smit. The win for Martin marked his fourth 505 World Championship, and for Lowry it was his second.

2019 Sailing Resume Highlights:

International 505 World Championship
Fremantle, Australia / January 2-7, 2019
Results: 1/89 

505 North American Championship
Ontario, Canada / August 22-26, 2019
Results: 1/39

505 Canadian Championship (CORK)
Ontario, Canada / August 16-18, 2019
Results: 1/23

Columbia Gorge One-Design Regatta- 505
Portland, OR / July 26-28, 2019
Results: 1/21

Daniela Moroz (Lafayette, Calif.): Kiting phenom Daniela Moroz makes the shortlist for the fourth consecutive year. In 2016, she became the youngest to ever win the award, female or male, at the age of 15 when she burst onto the kite foiling scene. Moroz once again defended her Formula Kite World Championship with a resounding victory on Lake Garda in Italy, her fourth consecutive World Championship against a growing and increasingly talented women’s fleet of 30 competitors. Moroz continued her dominance by winning five of seven races and placing second in the two races she did not win. She won by three points over Russian challenger Elena Kalinina.

2019 Sailing Resume Highlights:

IKA Formula Kite Class World Championship
Lake Garda, Italy / May 1-5, 2019
Results: 1/29

European Championship
Sardinia, Italy / September 25-29, 2019
Results: 1/30

ANOC World Beach Games
Katara Beach, Qatar / October 13-15, 2019
Results: 1/20

Hempel World Cup Series Finale
Marseille, France / June 2-9, 2019
Overall Results: 12/20
Women’s Results: 1/4

Kite Foil World Series
Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy / October 2-6, 2019
Overall results: 18/64
Women’s results: 1/23

Kite Foil World Series
Gizzeria, Italy / July 24-28, 2019
Overall Results: 18/80
Women’s Results: 1/20

Kite Foil World Series
Weifang Beihai, China / September 5-9, 2019
Overall Results: 12/35
Women’s Results: 1/9

Kite Foil World Series
Pingtan, China / September 12-17, 2019
Overall Results: 12/27
Women’s Results: 1/8

Congratulations to all the 2019 finalists:

Yachtsman Finalists – David and Peter Askew; Mike Martin and Adam Lowry; Willem Van Waay

Yachtswoman Finalists – Nicole Breault; Daniela Moroz; Berta Puig and Bella Casaretto

Past Winners

2019 – Mike Martin and Adam Lowry/Daniela Moroz
2018 – Jud Smith/Carmen and Emma Cowles
2017 – Peter Duncan/Erika Reineke
2016 – Caleb Paine/Daniela Moroz
2015 – Steve Benjamin/Annie Haeger
2014 – Terry Hutchinson/Stephanie Roble
2013 – Brian Porter/Jody Starck
2012 – Johnny Heineken/Jen French
2011 – Bill Hardesty/Anna Tunnicliffe
2010 – Stan Honey/Anna Tunnicliffe
2009 – Bora Gulari/Anna Tunnicliffe
2008 – Terry Hutchinson/Anna Tunnicliffe
2007 – Jeff Linton/Sally Barkow
2006 – Jud Smith/Paige Railey
2005 – Nick Scandone/Sally Barkow
2004 – Paul Foerster & Kevin Burnham/Jody Swanson
2003 – Augie Diaz/Hannah Swett
2002 – John Kostecki/Liz Baylis
2001 – Steve Fossett/Cory Sertl
2000 – Mark Reynolds & Magnus Liljedahl/JJ Isler & Pease Glaser
1999 – Eric Doyle/Dawn Riley
1998 – Paul Cayard /Betsy (Gelenitis) Alison
1997 – Chris Larson/JJ Isler
1996 – Dave Ullman/Courtenay (Becker) Dey
1995 – Ed Baird/Cory Sertl
1994 – Ken Read/Danielle Brennan
1993 – Cam Lewis/Betsy (Gelenitis) Alison
1992 – Kevin Mahaney/Julia Trotman
1991 – Ed Adams/JJ Isler
1990 – Jim Brady/Courtenay Becker
1989 – Larry Klein/Jody Swanson
1988 – John Kostecki/Allison Jolly & Lynne Jewell
1987 – Ed Adams/Susan Dierdorff Taylor
1986 – Dennis Conner/JJ Isler
1985 – Ken Read/Kathy Steele & Heidi Backus
1984 – Bill Buchan/Betsy Gelenitis
1983 – Dave Curtis/Wendy Thomson
1982 – Randy Smyth/Betsy Gelenitis
1981 – Dave Curtis/Betsy Gelenitis
1980 – Dennis Conner/Lynne Jewell
1979 – Ted Turner/Nell Taylor
1978 – Buddy Melges/Bonnie Shore
1977 – Ted Turner/Jan O’Malley
1976 – Lowell North/Allison Jolly
1975 – Dennis Conner/Joan Ellis
1974 – Ted Hood/Sally Lindsay
1973 – Ted Turner/Sally Lindsay
1972 – Buddy Melges/Jane Pegel
1971 – Ding Schoonmaker/Jane Pegel
1970 – Ted Turner/Jan O’Malley
1969 – Robert F. Johnson/Jan O’Malley
1968 – Lowell North/June Methot
1967 – Bus Mosbacher/Betty Foulk
1966 – Bill Cox/Jerie Clark
1965 – Dick Tillman/Timothea (Schneider) Larr
1964 – Bob Bavier/Jane Pegel
1963 – Joe Duplin/Leggie Mertz
1962 – Bus Mosbacher/Sue Sinclair
1961 – Buddy Melges/Timothea Schneider