Awards & Trophies

The Rose Cup

The Rose Cup started as an invitational youth match race event in 2010. It was founded by members of Balboa Yacht Club in Newport Beach, California and the Newport Balboa Sailing & Seamanship Association (“NBSSA”). Its mission is to assist in the promotion of youth match racing in the United States and improve the quality of US competitors in national and international competition.

The founders, NBSSA, and the Rose Cup committee under the direction of US Sailing Match Racing Committee Chair and four time US Match Racing Champion, Dave Perry, applied to US Sailing to make the Rose Cup an official US Sailing Youth Match Racing Championship, perhaps as early as 2015. Dave and the founders’ objective is simple provide opportunities for young US sailors to develop their skills in this most exciting of racing disciplines. The Rose Cup event begins with an intensive match racing clinic which this year will be led by Dave Perry who brings a unique combination of world class match racing success and teaching experience to the competitors.

Previous Award Recipients

Rose Cup (hosts) and winners:

  • 2023 – Lake Geneva Yacht Club: Chapman Petersen, Thomas Sitzmann, Samara Walshe, Luke Woodworth
  • 2022 – Newport Harbor Yacht Club: Morgan Pickney, Peter Sangmeister, Will Glasson, Ashley Highland
  • 2021 –  Balboa Yacht Club: Jeffrey Petersen, Max Brennan, Reade Decker, and Samantha Hemans
  • 2020 – Event not sailed
  • 2019 – Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club: Cameron Feves, Lukas Kraak, Justin Zmina, and Taylor Milefchik
  • 2018 – Riverside Yacht Club: Jack Parkin, Ashton Borcherding, Bram Brakman, Wiley Rogers
  • 2017 – Balboa Yacht Club: David Wood, skipper, Max Brennan, Catherine Reynolds and Jeffrey Petersen
  • 2016 – San Francisco Yacht Club: Romain Screve, skipper, Jackson Ritter, Sammy Shea
  • 2015 – Balboa Yacht Club: Christophe Killian, skipper, Jack Martin, Harrison Vandervort
  • 2014 – Balboa Yacht Club: Christophe Killian, skipper, Jack Martin, Harrison Vandervort
  • 2013 – San Francisco Yacht Club: Scott Buckstaff, skipper, Corey Lynch, Sammy Shea
  • 2012 – Chicago Yacht Club: Will Holz, skipper,Wheeler Morris, Madeleine Cooney, Alex Woloshyn
  • 2011 – San Diego Yacht Club: Nevin Snow, skipper, Jake LaDow, Jake Reynolds
  • 2010 – Newport Harbor Yacht Club: Chris Segerblom, skipper, Connor Bathen, Kieran Chung