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The Nick Scandone Sportsmanship Award

At each Rose Cup, the presentation of the Nick Scandone Sportsmanship Award is always a highlight.

This trophy, named for the late US Paralympic Gold Medalist Nick Scandone who, in addition to winning the Gold Medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, was beating both able bodied and physically challenged competitors throughout the last year of his life as he fought ALS or “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”. Nick’s persistence against seemingly insurmountable odds provides inspiration to winners of the Scandone Sportsmanship Trophy and to all sailors.

Previous Award Recipients

Scandone Sportsmanship Award Winners

  • 2023 – Bayview Yacht Club: Michael Kirkman, Dougie Cowan, Sophia Hacket, and Ryan Hexter
  • 2022 – Newport Harbor Yacht Club: Jack Flores, Max Kleha, Brook Wood, Ian Wells
  • 2021 –  Mount Desert Island Community Sailing Center:  Alec Fisichella, Sofie Dowling, and Nate and Luke Ingebritson
  • 2020 – Event not held
  • 2019 – Fort Worth Boat Club: Christophe Chaumont, Peter Vaseliades, Celia Houston, Taft Buckley
  • 2018 – Wayzata Yacht Club: Conrad Vandlik, skipper, Carl Eaton, Emma Aubuchon, Nathan Olmstead
  • 2017 – Balboa Yacht Club: Porter Killian, skipper, John Horton, Robert Garrett, Victoria Thompson
  • 2016 – Centerport Yacht Club: Sean Cornell, skipper, Scott Ewing, Thomas Pluchino
  • 2015 – Oakcliff Sailing Center: Colin Kennedy, skipper, Alec Caterson, Austin Colpaert
  • 2014 – Lakewood Yacht Club: Dane Byerly, skipper, Howdy Hughes, Collin Scoville
  • 2013 – Balboa Yacht Club: Christophe Killian, skipper, Jack Martin, Harrison Vandervort
  • 2012 – Portland Yacht Club: Charlie Lalumiere, skipper, Myles Everitt , Chase Quinn, Mac Agnese
  • 2011 – Annapolis Yacht Club: Michael Carr, skipper, Jack Ortel, Austin Ortel
  • 2010 – Annapolis Yacht Club: Michael Carr, skipper, Jack Ortel, Brady Stagg