Community Sailing

Girls Go Sailing!


As youth sailors, boys and girls participate in nearly equal numbers. As adults, men in sailing outnumber women, 7 to 1. We aim to change that!

Empower Girls. Create Leaders. Cultivate a lifelong passion for sailing.

Sailing unlocks qualities that women possess in abundance!  Teamwork, perseverance, courage and strategic thinking!

Sailors are independent and self-reliant. Sailors rise to any challenge with confidence. Sailors respect their crew, their equipment, the environment. Sailors form bonds that span time and distance.

The Vision

Today more than ever, women sailors are proving that all women possess the ability, strength, physical and mental skill to be ambitious, active lifetime sailors. Today, for the first time in US Olympic sailing history, there are an equal number of female athletes on the historically male dominated Team.

It’s time to seize the day!

We can see a future where it is commonplace for women to sail as owners, skippers, navigators and tacticians. Whether they sail the globe or cruise the coast, race dinghies or foil catamarans; women are moving into a place of shared ownership of the sport – and the sport is better for it!

Core Values


Confidence – rise to any challenge

Responsibility – for self, for team, for the environment

Energy – the thrill of new adventures, new skills, new friends

Working Together – to lead, follow, support, encourage

Strength – to face the elements and take on the challenge

The Program

  • Phase I of Girls Go Sailing! launches this summer (2017).  Phase II and Phase III will offer progressively advanced training for girls as they grow.
  • Girls Go Sailing! (Phase I) is an entry level program designed for girls, 9-14, to become more comfortable taking chances, ask questions and challenge themselves, while building confidence through a supportive community of peers led by strong female mentors.
  • Foster a love of sailing at a young age, which instills a lifelong interest and engagement.
  • Provide skill building sessions using the sport to practice goal setting, problem solving, and feedback in a collaborative setting.
  • Reinforce a sense of responsibility through curriculum that will focus on self, group, equipment and environmental responsibility.
  • Get girls excited about being a part of a physical sport and challenging themselves to try something new and different.
  • Get more girls out on the water, giving them the ability to challenge themselves and challenge the elements.
  • Create a conducive learning environment where girls are comfortable and can internalize their potential as leaders and decision makers.

Outcomes – Participants will

  • Demonstrate increased levels of sailing skill
  • Practice goal setting, plan development and execution
  • Develop comfort and ability within a leadership role.