Sarah Newberry

Sarah Newberry

Sarah Newberry is a 5-time National Champion and US Sailing Team Athlete. After taking a few years between campaigns to coach, Sarah is back to campaigning for the Olympics full-time in the Nacra 17. Sarah is currently working towards becoming a world-class athlete in the Nacra 17 and representing the United States at the highest level possible in the Olympic Games.


How would you describe your coaching style?

“On the race course, I offer a disciplined and “gain-oriented” approach to big-picture strategy and tactics and a strong routine that limits excess noise and allows the athlete to focus on their priorities and goals during the competition. Mindset and passion underlie my approach to working with athletes. I expect athletes to come to the table with a desire to win and the ability to learn. Teaching ways to stay on top of our mental game can make us look really fast – so the mindset is an important focal point. I approach coaching with the same passion for the sport and competition that I have in my racing and try to make that passion contagious. Sailing is a game! Sometimes it is easy for us to forget that. Enjoying the game and seeing mistakes as opportunities to grow our knowledge base is the path toward a long-term love for competing. As a coach, it is my most important mission to imbue athletes with love for the game that creates a desire to win no matter the obstacle or challenge”.

Do you have any advice for sailors attending the U.S. Youth Championship?

“Do focused training before the event. For some of you, that might be more days of the water than others, but it is how you approach the event with what you have learned that will matter. Take the time to assess your strengths before you get to the regatta and figure out how you are going to use them. Make a list of goals that you would like to accomplish. Once you are at the end, if you want to succeed, do not let the chaos of the regatta ruin your routine. Be prepared to come down focused each morning. Remember, the U.S. Sailing Youth Championship is only a few days of racing and it is an opportunity for you to focus and let all the hard work kick in truly.”

Fun fact about Coach Sarah:

“I was a stunt double on the TV Show Bloodline – the leading actress had a sailing scene, and they called me!”

Event coaching at:

U.S. Youth Championship, Nacra 15 fleet