COVID-19 Resources

Mental Health Resources

  1. US Sailing Starboard Portal
    1. Mental Health and Performance with Tim Herzog (March 31, 2020)
    2. Optimizing Sleep and Self-Paces Mental Training for Sailing (April 29)
  2. Content from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

    1. For Everyone
    2. For Families and Children
    3. For People at Higher Risk for Serious Illness
    4. For Other Workers
  3. Keep Calm: The Science Behind Managing Stress (Michelle Post M.A., LMFT, National Alliance for Grieving Children - webinar)
  4. National Alliance on Mental Illness
    1. Resource Guide
    2. Youth Speak Out on their Tech Use During COVID-19 by Anna Jolliff
  5. Mental Health First Aid
    1. National Council on Behavioral Health COVID-19 resource page
    2. Online Course
  6. Reaching Ahead (
    1. Coping and Communicating During COVID-19
    2. Mental Health Awareness Month is coming
    3. Mental Health w/ Dr. Tim Herzog (Opti TV)
    4. Coping with Abrupt Endings
    5. Daily Routines Matter!
    6. Mental Health Awareness Month: Suicide Prevention
    7. Mental Health Awareness Month: Common Diagnoses
    8. Mental Health Awareness Month: Depression
    9. Mental Health Awareness Month: Seeking Services
    10. Athlete Transition Study: Post-Sport Transition Resources
  7. American Red Cross
    Psychological First Aid: Supporting Yourself and Others During COVID-19 (Online course)
  8. American Camp Association (linked from the ACA's webpage on "Mental Health Resources-COVID-19")
    1. Anxiety and the Importance of Play: An Interview with Shimi Kang, MD (Camping Magazine)
    2. Happy Campers: A Counterintuitive Conversation about Youth Mental Health (Camping Magazine)
    3. No Retreat: Convening Communities of Caring in Times of Loss and Grief (Camping Magazine)
    4. Psychological Benefits of Summer Camp (Washington Parent)
    5. Ready, Set, Go: How Camp Prepares Children for Lives of Success (Camping Magazine)
    6. SOS: Youth at Risk and Seven Survival Skills from Summer Camp (Camping Magazine)
    7. The Impact of Camp Experiences on Social Skills and Happiness (Camping Magazine)
    8. The Interface between Camp and Family: The Challenge of Dealing with Loss and Bereavement (Camping Magazine)
    9. Making Mental Health Matter at Camp (Camping Magazine)
    10. Mental, Emotional & Social Health during a COVID-19 Pandemic w/ Dr. G (CampWire podcast)
    11. American Camp Association’s Suicide Prevention resource page