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Match Racing Grading

Grading Process for U.S. Match Racing Events

Attention: Event Organizers/Organizing Authorities (OA’s)

The US Sailing Match Racing Committee assigns grade levels to match racing events in the US. Grading of events along with results will factor into sailors’ rankings. Please do your part by following the steps listed here. Complete the first three steps as early as possible before your event, and specifically four months in advance for a Grade W, 1 or 2 event.

  1. Review ISAF/World Sailing Regulation 27.2.2 – 27.2.3 regarding grading criteria.
  1. Complete the World Sailing Match Race Rankings Event Application/Grading Form. Only Section 1 and the “Application Data” column of Section 2 are required at this point, but it is helpful to include as much information as you can to support the grade level you expect your event to meet.
  1. Send the form (preferably as a Word file) attached to an email to the US Sailing Grading Secretary, currently Peter Bailey at
  1. The US Grading Secretary reviews the form, endorses your event, then submits the form to ISAF/World Sailing for initial approval (with cc to you). This might take 7-10 days (or more). Once approved, your event should appear on the ISAF/World Sailing calendar.
  1. At the end of your event, record the results on the last page of the endorsed form and then give it to the Chief Umpire.
  1. The Chief Umpire then reviews, signs, and sends the form directly to ISAF/World Sailing ( or fax # +44 2380 635 789) with cc to you and the US Sailing Grading Secretary. This final step should be done within 5 days for events graded 3, 4 or 5 or within 24 hours for events graded W, 1 or 2.

Questions? / Issues? Contact the US Sailing Grading Secretary: Peter Bailey at