Trophies and Recognition

Award Nomination — Harman Hawkins Trophy

The individual will have demonstrated outstanding contributions over an extended period of time to the sport of sailing in at least one of the following areas: developing, teaching, or writing about the racing rules of sailing; judging and/or umpiring; supporting the classification of disabled sailors; working on national and/or association appeals committees; working as a class or handicap rule measurer; or organizing and running races. Nominations will be accepted from January 1 through November 15 of the current calendar year. The trophy will be presented at the Association Awards Dinner at the National Conference the following February.

To nominate an individual, please complete the form below as thoroughly as possible. In particular, please be specific and descriptive about the qualifications and accomplishments that lead you to nominate him or her. The committee will use this information as it considers your nomination, and it may be used in the citation for the winner.