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Race Officer Seminar Calendar

Race Officers set and adjust the course, call the starting and finishing lines, and are in charge on the water.

  • The Race Management seminars below are listed in chronological order.
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  • For further assistance, please contact your Area Race Officer or the Race Administration office.

FIRST TIME PARTICIPANTS: Attendance at a seminar and successful completion of the online test
alone do not lead to certification. If you are interested in becoming a Race Officer, please review our
Certification Program for the complete list of requirements. With the assistance of your Area Race Officer,
you will be guided through the certification process. Thank you for your interest in and support of racing.

Note for those rescheduling a postponed seminar: If you were enrolled in a One Day Race Management Seminar that was postponed due to COVID-19, please go to the Rescheduling a Seminar form to choose a new seminar. Please do not enroll in a new seminar below, as you will be required to pay for the seminar again if you do so.