Racing Rules

Experimental Rules

Rule 86.3 and the US Prescription to it permit organizing authorities to modify rules for the purpose of testing them, subject to certain restrictions:

US Sailing prescribes that proposed rules may be tested, but only in local races. However, proposed rules may also be tested at other events if, for each event, the organizing authority first obtains written permission from US Sailing and the proposed rules are included in the notice of race and sailing instructions.

To seek permission to test proposed rules changes, please email a proposal to the US Sailing Racing Rules Committee that includes the following:

  • Background: what situation is the proposed rule intended to address?
  • Rationale: describe the rule change and how it will address the situation.

Test Plan:

  • Objectives:  what are the positive and/or negative impacts, and what are the resulting significant changes in the way the game is played?
  • Scope and methodology: at what events and in what time frame will the proposed rule change be tested? How will the proposed change be evaluated? What sailors and officials will be involved in the testing?

Each proposal will be evaluated by the Racing Rules Committee and, if the proposal is approved, the Committee will provide language to be included in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.

If the proposal is approved, the proposers will be expected to report at the end of the experiment, evaluating the rule change in terms of the stated objectives.