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The US Sailing Appeals & Requests Information Form

Submitting an Appeal of a Protest or Association Appeals Committee Decision

Appeals shall be sent to the US Sailing Race Administration Director no later than 15 days after receiving the written decision being appealed or a protest committee’s decision not to reopen a hearing. The appeal shall include a copy of the decision being appealed and a clear statement explaining why the appellant believes the committee’s decision being appealed or its procedures were incorrect (see rule R2.1). The appellant shall also submit, with the appeal or as soon as possible thereafter, the Appeals & Requests Information Form (see rule R2.2).

Requesting Confirmation or Correction

To request confirmation or correction of its decision, a protest committee or association appeals committee shall, no later than 15 days after making its decision, submit to US Sailing a copy of its decision and this Appeals & Requests Information Form (see rules R1.1, R2.2 and R2.3).

How to Submit your Appeal or Request

You may submit your appeal or request by attaching it to Appeals & Requests Information Form below and clicking the “Submit” button (the preferred method). Or you may email your appeal or request, the decision being appealed or inquired about and all other documents or links to documents (notice of race, sailing instructions, etc.) to For more information about submitting appeal or request documents, please call US Sailing at 800-877-2451.

Submitting the US Sailing Appeals & Requests Information Form

If you are appealing the decision of a protest committee or requesting confirmation or correction of a decision, you must complete the online Appeals & Requests Information Form below and submit it to the US Sailing Race Administration Director (RAD) when you send your appeal or request, or as soon thereafter as possible, including as much of the information as is available at the time (see rule R2.2).  You can use the file uploader feature in the form to attach the required documents (the preferred method), or you can send them separately to

As additional information becomes available, you should update the form as soon as possible and re-submit it to the US Sailing RAD, who will then forward it to the appeals committee. You will receive an emailed copy of your form when you submit it. To update the form, click the “Edit Submission” link in the top left corner of the emailed form, make the required changes and submit it again.

Please note: If you are appealing the decision of an association appeals committee and you have already submitted this form with your original appeal, you may update the form with the additional requested information about the association appeals committee decision and resubmit it to US Sailing.


If you are appealing to the US Sailing Appeals Committee, see rule R3.2 regarding fees. US Sailing charges no fee for forwarding an appeal or request to an association appeals committee.

More Information on the Appeal Process

If you need more information on the appeal process, refer to rules 70 and 71, the US Sailing prescription to Appendix R, and the Appeals FAQ (go to the Appeals page of the US Sailing website (under Rules) and click on “Appeals FAQ”).

Requesting an Interpretation of the Rules

Do not use this Appeals & Requests Information Form for requests for interpretation of the rules under rule 70.4. Such requests shall be sent directly to the Race Administration Director (see information above and rules 70.2, 70.4, R1, R2.4 and R3).