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Championship Conditions

updated: April 29, 2022


A)  The purpose of these conditions is to standardize policies and procedures across all US Sailing Championships. See the Terms of Reference for more specifics.

B)  Throughout this document, the word “club” is defined to include any yacht club, sailing club, community sailing program or other sailing organization that is an organizational member of a Regional Sailing Association (RSA) or US Sailing.


A)  All Championships shall comply with applicable US Sailing Regulations. Regulations 2 and 10 are specific to the Championships. Others apply as well, including Regulations 13 and 14.

B)  All competitors and officials at US Sailing Championship and qualifying events shall abide by the Code of Conduct for US Sailing’s Championships.

3. ELIGIBILITY (See US Sailing Regulation 2)

A)  Each member of a team shall be an individual member of US Sailing or, if non-members may compete, a member of their home country’s Member National Authority. Individual championships may have additional requirements which shall be listed in their conditions.

B)  Hosts clubs of championships and qualifiers shall be organizational members of US Sailing.

C)  Each class of boat shall be an organizational member of US Sailing.

4.  CREW CHANGES - Alternates and Substitutions

A)  Once a team’s entry is accepted for an area qualifier or championship, and before the beginning of the event, substitution of team members is prohibited except as provided below. Substitution for the helm shall never be permitted. Individual championships may have additional requirements, which shall be listed in their conditions.

  1. Substitution of a team member other than the helm after qualification or acceptance in a championship may be requested for medical reasons or family emergency. Exceptions may be made for unexpected work or school conflicts. Supporting documentation may be requested.
  2. All substitutions shall be adequately explained by the qualified helmsman and are subject to approval by the Organizing Authority.
  3. If the requested substitution is not approved, the eligible team will be accepted.
  4. For match racing championships only: crew changes are permitted if necessary to ensure teams meet the weight, gender or crew size requirements at the finals.

B)  When an event is in progress:

  1. If a sailor other than the helm cannot continue due to sickness, accident or other emergency, a replacement sailor may, with the approval of the Organizing Authority, be substituted for one or more of the races.
  2. If the event is a qualifier for the national championship, the substitution shall be permanent for the team moving forward. The only exception shall be for match racing.
  3. The substituted sailor shall meet all eligibility requirements and shall be very close in weight to the substituted sailor. The representative of the Organizing Authority will have sole authority for determining whether the reason for substitution and the proposed sailor are acceptable.


A)  Term Limits

  1. Championship National Chairs are appointed by the President of US Sailing for one-year terms and may serve no more than four consecutive terms.
  2. Members of Championship Committees (other than the Chair) are appointed for three-year terms and may serve no more than two consecutive terms.

B)  Responsibilities – the National Chair shall:

  1. Nominate other members of the Committee, including Area Representatives and Members at Large, for approval by the US Sailing Board.
  2. Develop or amend the Conditions as needed to comply with The Racing Rules of Sailing.
  3. Solicit, receive and evaluate host club bids and propose future host clubs to the committee.
  4. Act as the Organizing Authority for the event and represents US Sailing. However, the National Chair shall not act as the Organizing Authority if the championship is hosted at his or her home club. If the National Chair is a member of the host club, a member of the committee or another individual shall be delegated to assume the role for the planning and execution of the championship.
  5. Write the Notice of Race, approve the Sailing Instructions and perform other functions of the Organizing Authority in compliance with The Racing Rules of Sailing.
  6. Post the Notice of Race by January 31st for elimination events and by March 1st for invitational events.
  7. Ensure that the regattas are run under US Sailing Board-approved conditions and regulations for championships.
  8. Have final responsibility for appointing the Principal Race Officer and Chief Judge or Chief Umpire, and ensure that race officials have the appropriate certification (see Regulation 10.06 for specific requirements and additional information).

  a) The Principal Race Officer shall be a National Race Officer or higher for championship  events and a Regional Race Officer or higher for qualifying events. However, a lower-certified race officer may serve as the PRO provided that a higher-certified race officer supervises in the role of Deputy Race Officer.

  b) The Chief Judge shall be a National Judge or higher for championship events and a Judge or higher for qualifying events.

  c) The Chief Umpire for match or team racing shall be a National Umpire at championship or qualifying events.

  9. Support the host club’s event chair.

10. Intervene if the organization or execution of the Championship is in jeopardy.

11. Attend the championship.

12. Oversee the awarding of the trophies and monitor their care and return to US Sailing.

13. Return US Sailing merchandise, banners, burgees and trophies after the event.

14. Write a final report on the status of the championship for the Annual Meeting (or other meeting as requested by the Board or Chair of the Championship Division), attend the Annual Meeting and any teleconferences, and post minutes in a timely manner.

C)  Responsibilities – the National Chair shall not:

  1. Act as the Organizing Authority if the championship is hosted at his or her home club.
  2. Compete in the championship unless another person is designated as the OA representative.
  3. Serve in any race official capacity at the event.