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Virginia Long Sail Training Service & Support Award

The Sail Training Service and Support Award in honor of Virginia Long would honor individuals who, through their efforts, unselfishly assist and enable a sailing program or sailing instruction in a supportive role. This US Sailing perpetual award and recipient keeper plaque is donated by Starkweather & Shepley Insurance.

Recipients of this award are those whose outstanding efforts enable and support excellence and safety in sailing instruction and/or programs, but do not necessarily teach themselves. This would include, but is not limited to: administrators of sailing programs, program managers, US Sailing Regional Training Coordinators, key non-instructor volunteers, or other individuals who provide the background support to help establish, sustain, or improve sailing education programs and instruction in the United States.

A joint committee of four representatives, two appointed by the Chairman of the Community Sailing Committee and two appointed by the Chairman of the Training Committee, will review nominations for this award and choose a worthy recipient.

Presentation of the Award will be at either the Sailing Leadership Forum or the National Sailing Programs Symposium by the President of US Sailing and joined by the Chair of the Training Committee and the Chair of the Community Sailing Committee.

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Previous Award Recipients

  • 2019 – Mary Von Conta
  • 2018 – Carisa Harris-Adamson
  • 2017 – Lynn Handy
  • 2016 – Steve Maddox
  • 2015 – Virginia Howard
  • 2014 – Richard Jepsen
  • 2013 – Lynn Lynch
  • 2012 – Rachael Miller
  • 2011 – Hart Kelley
  • 2010 – Larry Ledgerwood
  • 2007 – Cai Svendsen
  • 2006 – Jamie Deming
  • 2005 – Rich Brew
  • 2004 – Kevin Kavanagh
  • 2003 – Art Stevens
  • 2002 – Lawrence A White
  • 2001 – Paul Risseeuw
  • 2000 – Dick Allsopp
  • 1999 – Mary von Conta
  • 1998 – Ruth Creighton