Awards & Trophies

The St. Petersburg Yacht Club Trophy

The St. Petersburg Yacht Club Trophy is awarded to a local sailing organization for exceptional race management at a specific event. Among other factors, the comments of participating sailors weigh heavily in the selection of a winner.

Emblematic of excellence in race management, the St. Petersburg Yacht Club Trophy was originally awarded by the St. Petersburg Yacht Club in the late 1960s to recognize the club that ran the best regatta. The trophy was retired for a number of years, then was donated to US Sailing in 1977. The winner is selected on the basis of race management excellence, including evaluation by participating skippers.

Please Note: Qualifying an event for consideration requires advance planning. Information about the application requirements is provided below. Please contact the Race Administration office for more information.

Additional Information


  • The regatta may have any number of yachts entered
  • The regatta must consist of at least three closed-course races
  • The regatta must have nonprofessional race management
  • The Principal Race Officer and Chief Judge must be certified at any level as race officer and judge respectively by US Sailing, another MNA or World Sailing
  • The host club must be a member of US Sailing


  • The award is presented for events conducted between November 1, 2022 and September 30, 2023
  • Events held after September 30, 2023 are eligible for consideration in the following year
  • Completed applications must be received via email or postmarked no later than October 15, 2023
  • No more than two entries per yacht club per year will be considered
  • The award will be presented at the US Sailing National Conference in February


(Please contact the Race Administration office for more information and the required forms. NOTE: Please DO NOT use old forms or alter forms.)

  1. Club Entry form
  2. Notice of Race, including amendments
  3. Sailing Instructions, including amendments
  4. Principal Race Officer’s report, including RC log, wind log and other required documents
  5. Protest Committee chair’s report (online form)
  6. Redress request documents (if applicable)
  7. Final regatta results
  8. Skipper Ballots (please see below)


Ballots are anonymous. US Sailing now uses an online skipper ballot. Please contact the Race Administration Office to set up a customized ballot that the organizer can send out to skippers. The office will track responses and work with the host club to encourage skippers to reply. A minimum of 60% of the boats participating or 40 completed ballots, whichever is fewer, must be returned. Comments on the form will be reviewed to help interpret skippers’ responses but will not be counted in the final tally.


All required items must be returned by the regatta organizer to US Sailing postmarked or time stamped no later than October 15, 2023. Please contact the Race Administration Director before the regatta to request the standard forms and discuss any questions or special conditions or arrangements. Send the above items, in the form of PDFs via email to, or by USPS in an envelope or box marked “St. Petersburg Trophy,” to US Sailing, 1 Roger Williams University Way, Bristol, RI 02809. All items except the skipper ballots may be submitted as PDFs via email. Entries will be judged by a selection committee of the US Sailing Race Management Committee. The trophy will be presented at the US Sailing National Conference in February. Winners will be notified in advance of the event.

Previous Award Recipients

  • 2023 – Newport Harbor Yacht Club
  • 2022 – Corpus Christi Yacht Club
  • 2021 – Cleveland Yachting Club
  • 2020 – Not Awarded
  • 2019 – Ida Lewis Yacht Club
  • 2018 – Mentor Harbor Yacht Club (OH)
  • 2017 – Carolina Yacht Club (NC)
  • 2016 – Alamitos Bay Yacht Club
  • 2015 – Bayview Yacht Club
  • 2014 – Severn Sailing Association
  • 2013 – Sandusky Sailing Club
  • 2012 – Corinthian Sailing Club (Dallas)
  • 2011 – Annapolis Yacht Club
  • 2010 – Rochester Yacht Club
  • 2009 – Carolina Yacht Club (North Carolina)
  • 2008 – Southwestern Yacht Club
  • 2007 – St. Petersburg Yacht Club
  • 2006 – Corpus Christi Yacht Club
  • 2005 – California Yacht Club
  • 2004 – Indian Harbor Yacht Club and Riverside Yacht Club
  • 2003 – Not Awarded
  • 2002 – California Yacht Club
  • 2001 – Richmond (California) Yacht Club
  • 2000 – Beverly Yacht Club
  • 1999 – Lake Norman Yacht Club
  • 1998 – Cedar Point Yacht Club
  • 1997 – Fort Worth Boat Club
  • 1996 – California Yacht Club
  • 1995 – Cleveland Yachting Club
  • 1994 – Eastern Yacht Club
  • 1993 – Windycrest Sailing Club
  • 1992 – Beverly Yacht Club
  • 1991 – Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club
  • 1990 – Houston Yacht Club
  • 1989 – Rochester Yacht Club
  • 1988 – San Diego Yacht Club
  • 1987 – Bayview Yacht Club
  • 1986 – Corinthian Sailing Club
  • 1985 – Long Beach Yacht Club
  • 1984 – Houston Yacht Club
  • 1983 – Waikiki Yacht Club
  • 1982 – Beverly Yacht Club
  • 1981 – Alamitos Bay Yacht Club
  • 1980 – Long Beach Yacht Club
  • 1979 – Island Bay Yacht Club
  • 1978 – Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club
  • 1969 – Long Beach Yacht Club
  • 1968 – Alamitos Bay Yacht Club
  • 1967 – Royal Canadian Yacht Club