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Dick Allsopp C.R.E.W Award

The C.R.E.W. Award recognizes an individual — a US Sailing staff member or volunteer — who consistently demonstrates the values expressed in the C.R.E.W. agreement. Because US Sailing has an extraordinary set of responsibilities as a world leader in the sport, its volunteers and staff must function as efficiently as a skilled sailing crew.

Dick Allsopp, who we lost in 2018 after decades of service to US Sailing in Training and Competition, was a member of the authoring team that wrote the C.R.E.W. agreement as well as the inaugural winner of the C.R.E.W. Award in 2002. Dick’s volunteer career at US Sailing was the model for behavior that this award promotes and we honor Dick’s legacy through the “The Dick Allsopp C.R.E.W. Award.”

  • Commit to exceptional service to our constituents.
  • Respect the integrity and work of fellow C.R.E.W. members.
  • Expect excellence as a group and personal standard of accomplishment.
  • Work together in a responsible consistent fashion.

Those responsibilities encompass the following:

We will be positive about US Sailing and fellow C.R.E.W. members at all times.
We will be easy to reach, friendly, and on time in responding to constituents and fellow C.R.E.W members.
We will give C.R.E.W. members and constituents who seek us out our undivided attention and establish deadlines for unfinished business or the next agreed-upon actions.
Respect the integrity and work of fellow C.R.E.W. members

We will interact using candor, honesty, and constructive criticism as benchmarks.
We will value each other’s work and our need/right to have a life away from work.
We will be aware of the similarities and differences in the roles and responsibilities of volunteers and staff.
Expect excellence as a group and personal standard of accomplishment.

We will establish goals and give those responsible the tools and freedom they need.
We will remember that asking each other for help is a powerful tool.
We will compliment each other for work well done, and acknowledge when we haven’t kept our promises.
Work together in a responsible, consistent fashion.

We will listen carefully to understand each other’s positions before making judgments.
We will negotiate first, then compromise to find win-win solutions.
We will acknowledge what we have heard and agreed to do, as a measure of good communication.
We will address serious disagreements or concerns in person or by phone, before involving others.

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Previous Award Recipients

  • 2021-23 – Not Awarded
  • 2020 – Bradley Schoch
  • 2019 – Meredith Brody
  • 2018 – Jessica Servis
  • 2017 – Candace Porter
  • 2015 – Lauren Cotta
  • 2010-14 – not awarded
  • 2009 – Susan Epstein
  • 2008 – John Williams
  • 2007 – Walter Chamberlain
  • 2006 – Karen Davidson
  • 2005 – Spring Jerelyn Biehl / Fall Sandy Grosvenor
  • 2004 – Spring Katie Kelly / Fall John Strassman
  • 2003 – Spring Clark Chapin / Fall Darline Hobock
  • 2002 – Spring Dick Allsopp / Fall Dick Roberts