Henry Brauer

Henry Brauer

Position: Director

Hometown: Marblehead, MA

Education: The Taft School, ‘74; Tufts University, BA American History ‘79; MIT MS RED, ‘87

An Interview with Henry Brauer

  1. How can community sailing centers, yacht clubs, and other sailing organizations collaborate with each other more on key initiatives to grow sailing?
    These various organizations should pursue opportunities to work together to promote sailing in their respective regions as each organization may provide different experiences which are important for sailors. Perhaps the most important areas of focus are youth sailing and providing more opportunities for women to learn to sail or continue to sail. There seems to be a drop off in participation of older juniors, youth sailors and women. These organizations should work together to offer various programs that may keep these individuals interested in the sport.
  2. How can these organizations and other sailing industries integrate with their local communities to provide more awareness for prospective new sailors?
    It would be very powerful if the companies in the sailing industry began to partner with local sailing organizations especially community sailing centers in supporting programs that reach out to nontraditional youth sailing programs to promote learn to sail and learn to race experiences. The community sailing programs are located in many major cities and while supported by local youth organizations such as Boys & Girls Clubs or YMCA’s it would be very powerful if the sailing industry found a way to partner with these local programs to support sailing.
  3. What can US Sailing do to help facilitate these partnerships?
    US Sailing is in a unique position to act as the facilitator in these partnerships. US Sailing knows the local programs and is already providing support through numerous educational programs. It would be a great step forward if US Sailing was able to bring sailing industry companies together with local community programs to enable them to increase their reach into the communities they serve.
  4. How have US Sailing programs and services impacted your overall sailing experience?
    I have had the benefit of sailing in many regional, national and international events in which the race management and judges have received their training from US Sailing. I have also benefited from the Safety at Sea Program when I was campaigning my J/111. These programs provide a major benefit to all sailors and while these services can always be improved the myriad programs supported by US Sailing have a positive effect to promote sailing education and racing in the US.
  5. Is it important for sailors to be members of US Sailing?
    Yes, all sailors should be members of US Sailing to support its programs. Many sailors do not understand the breadth of the programs offered by US Sailing and how their experience on the water is enhanced by US Sailing. I believe that US Sailing can do a better job promoting its reach and positive impact on the sport in the United States.

Statement from Henry Brauer

It is important to serve our sport when asked to step up. I look forward to bringing my perspective to the board utilizing my experience as President of the International J/70 Class Association, Flag Officer of my own Club, Competitive One Design Sailor, Race Committee Officer and member of other nonprofit boards. I have been a member of US Sailing since 1971 when I first started to compete for the Sears Cup and have watched the organization evolve over these many years. I have experienced the services and support that US Sailing provides to sailors at all levels. The organization has grown in many areas, however, there are still opportunities to improve the level and quality of services we provide to sailors at the local, regional, national and international levels.

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