Trophies and Recognition

Emeritus Officials

Race Official Emeritus Programs

Judge Emeritus

The US Sailing Judges Committee has established a Judge Emeritus Program to recognize judges who have given many years  of  distinguished  service  to  the  sport,  have  shown  themselves  to  be  a  leader  in  the judging community, and are now retired as certified judges.  A Regional Administrative Judge may nominate retired National Judges or International Judges from their area whom they feel are deserving of the distinction.  The JC will first review the nomination and, if approved, forward their recommendation to the US Sailing Board of Directors for final approval. The designation is for life and includes a suitably inscribed certificate describing the honoree’s contributions.

Race Officer Emeritus

The US Sailing Race Management Committee has established a Race Officer Emeritus Program to recognize certified Regional and National Race Officers who have given many years of distinguished service to the sport, have shown themselves to be a leader in the race management community, and are now retired as certified race officers. An Area Race Officer or a member of the Race Management Committee may nominate a retired (no longer certified or insured) Regional or National Race officer that he or she feels is deserving of the distinction. The Race Management Committee will review the nomination and, if approved, will have the certificate prepared and make arrangements for it to be presented. The designation is for life, and includes a suitably inscribed certificate describing the honoree’s contributions. Names of living race officers honored with Emeritus status will be published on the US Sailing website. Note that the Race Officer Emeritus designation is intended to recognize people who have given many years of service and have also made meaningful contributions to race management and the sport. It is not intended for every former race officer.

Race Officer Nomination Process

  1. ARO or RMC member fills out the Race Officer Emeritus Nomination form
  2. At least 30 days before a RMC meeting, an ARO or RMC member submits the nomination form to the RMC chairman and the US Sailing Race Administration Director, who provides a copy to all RMC members
  3. The RMC reviews and discusses the nomination in closed session and votes to accept/decline the nomination. This can be done either at a Spring/Fall meeting or via email or teleconference

If the Nomination is Accepted

  1. The Race Administration Director prepares a notification letter and certificate and obtains appropriate signatures (RMC Chairman and US Sailing President). Electronic signatures are acceptable, but actual signatures are preferred
  2. The Race Administration Director forwards the completed letter and certificate to the appropriate ARO, or as otherwise directed by the RMC Chairman
  3. The ARO or other RMC representative finds an appropriate time/venue to present the certificate. Preferably this is done in person and in a public place/time so the honoree can be properly recognized by colleagues and sailors

Information & Nomination Form