Awards & Trophies

Creative Innovations in Programming Award

The Creative Innovations in Programming award recognizes those programs, or individuals, who have successfully found new, and different, methods for teaching sailing.

Past winners have included programs who combine sailing with non-traditional offerings (Cooking, Rock climbing, etc.) to create joint programming and organizations that have found new ways to utilize their existing resources to get new sailors on the water. This purpose of this award is to highlight those that think “outside the box” and through their ingenuity have further connected their organization to the community.

Nomination URL

To make a nomination for this Award, please visit: Nomination Link

Previous Award Recipients

  • 2016 – New England Science and Sailing
  • 2014 – Young Mariners Foundation
  • 2013 – Kurt & Meka Taulbee, Sailfit
  • 2012 – Jen Guimaraes, Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center
  • 2011 – Drayton Harbor Maritime Community Sailing School
  • 2010 – Lacey Todd, Treasure Island Sailing Center
  • 2007 – Bull & Bear Sailing
  • 2006 – Jerry Valeske, Sail Sand Point2005 Association of Santa Monica Bay YC
  • 2001 – Ione Junior HS Sailing Program
  • 2000 – Captain Richard Goben, Barque “Star of India”
  • 1993 – Ron Singleton, Footloose Sailing Assoc.
  • 1992 – Seattle Alternative School & Philadelphia City Sail