Chubb Jr
Corpus Christ Yacht Club
Corpus Christi, TX
June 24-28, 2017
Laser, Radial, Nacra 15, I420, 29er, Techno 293 Plus

for the Johnstone, Manton Scott, Conner, Stevens, and Perry Trophies

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If you are applying to Youth Champs, here are some hints:

  • Information regarding the status of your application, including acceptance, wait list and incomplete, will be sent to the applicant’s email address provided. Please monitor your email account for updates. It may be in your Social, Promotions, Spam or Junk mail folder.
  • It’s very important that you provide your e-mail as well as your parents‘ so we can reach you. They should not be the same e-mail.
  • If you give us permission to send you a text message to your personal cell it is the fastest way for us to contact you in the event of any problems or updates.
  • Make sure your US Sailing membership is up to date. Renewing online is the fastest way.
  • Please list the FULL NAME of your sailing organization. Do not list AYC, BYC, CYC, DYC, EYC – please write it out . For example: Annapolis Yacht Club, California Yacht Club, Clearwater Community Sailing Center….
  • If you think you’ve applied and do not see your name listed under APPLICATIONS RECEIVED on this page, it means that your application is incomplete and/or you have not paid your application fee. US Sailing has sent a link to everyone who has not completed their application so check your e-mails for a link from Regatta Network. It may be in your Social, Promotions, Spam or Junk mail folder.
    Keep your registration confirmation. You can use it to go back at any time and update your resume until we shut the system down on March 15th.
  • If you are sailing a doublehanded boat, make sure both skipper and crew are listed. Doublehanded teams register as a team.
    • The helm begins the process. All you have to do is enter your crew’s name and e-mail and hit “E-mail Crew” at the bottom of the page. That will e-mail them a link directly to their resume page. Hopefully that will make life a lot easier.

Don’t forget to keep going and submit your application fee though. Just make sure your teammate fills their section out so your application is complete.
Most importantly: Review your application before sending. Every year, a sailor is not accepted because they didn’t complete the full application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

For more tips, visit the Application section under More Resources on the right hand side of the website.

All Private Coaches are requested to pre-register no later than June 10, 2017.  Registration will open on April 30 at

There will be a mandatory meeting for all coaches the evening of registration with the PROs and Judges. Time TBA. At that time, coach flags will be distributed to those present and registered by the due date.  A $100 lost or damage deposit will be required.

If you have certification from another country, please submit that to US Sailing no later than June 10th  along with your First Aid/CPR and proof of insurance here in the United States. A certificate of liability insurance for $1 million (US) will be required.  You are also ask to take the following FREE online course from the US Olympic Committee.  Go to SafeSport for more information.

a. All coaches, and/or support personnel shall register by the deadline stated in the Notice of Race or Welcome Package.

Note: US Sailing certified Level 3 coaches have $10 million in insurance coverage provided their certification and membership is up to date.

b. Any coach and/or support personnel who does not have current First Aid and CPR and/or has neither US Sailing- Level 3 certification (or its equivalent from another National Governing Body) nor has provided proof of $1 million dollars (US) liability insurance may be provided a fixed venue on the water.

For more information, go to


2016 U.S. Youth Championship



About the Championship

The U.S. Youth Sailing Championship was started in 1973 at the Sheridan Shore Yacht Club in Wilmette IL. The top 150 sailors from around the country, aged 19 or under (ISAF World Youth Championship age limit), were sent invitations on US Olympic Yachting Committee letterhead to attend the event in Lasers and 470s in mid-June.

The U.S. Youth Championship is now the pinnacle of youth racing for the summer season. Invitations to the event are made by US Sailing’s Youth Championship Selection Committee, based on review of applicant’s entry forms. Other than the Laser, boats have changed over the years. In 2006, this prestigious championship included Club 420’s, Lasers, Laser Radials and 29ers. In 2013, another championship, the U.S. Youth Multihull Championship was incorporated into the Youth Championship. The International 420s were included and Boardsailing was also reintroduced.

The Robert L. Johnstone III Trophy for the Singlehanded winner recognizes the Founder and Chairman (1973-1980) of the event and his contribution to one-design and community sailing programs. The Doublehanded trophy memorializes Manton D. Scott, a Sears Cup winner (’69), Collegiate All-American (’72) and inspirational leader in small boat sailing, who was electrocuted by an overhead power line when stepping the mast of his 470. This was a month prior to the 1973 event, where Scott had been scheduled as one of the Clinic instructors. The Robert and Ann Conner Trophy was donated for the winner of the Radial Division in recognition of their contributions to junior sailing.

Sportsmanship awards were given out beginning in 1989 in the name of 1973 participant and later event Chairman, David M. Perry, a well-known author of books on the racing rules, recognizing his leadership qualities in junior and intercollegiate sailing. The W. Darline Hobock Sportsmanship prize recognizes pure sportsmanship behavior throughout the multihull fleet. For many years the U.S. Youth Multihull Championship was organized by the Multihull Council and was initially sailed for the Hoyt-Jolley Trophy. In 2004 a new trophy was awarded in honor of Arthur J. Stevens whose dedication to youth multihull sailing was the foundation of this championship. It became part of the Youth Champs in recognition of the importance of youth multihull sailing within US Sailing.

Championship Facts

  • Application Deadline is March 15 – no exceptions. Invitations go out by May 1
  • Type of Event: Invite Only
  • Laser, Radial, 29er, International 420, Nacra 15, Techno 293 Plus
  • Applicants (skippers and crews) shall not reach their 20th birthday by December 31
  • For ISAF youth worlds cannot turn 19 in year of event.
  • Must be current members of US Sailing
  • Must be a U.S. Citizens and provide copy of current passport at registration.
  • Permanent residents who have resided in the US for at least five years may apply for a waiver at

Participants will be expected to be able to fly a spinnaker on a trapeze and manage a boat in up to 20 knots of breeze. Once registered, crew changes are not permitted except in case of an emergency.