Chubb Jr
Carolina Yacht Club
Wrightsville Beach, NC
June 23-27, 2018
Laser, Radial, Nacra 15, I420, 29er, Techno 293 Plus

for the Johnstone, Manton Scott, Conner, Stevens, and Perry Trophies


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2018 Regatta Documents

2018 US Sailing Fleet Coaches:

  • 29er – Fred Strammer
  • International 420 – Amanda Clark
  • Laser – Richard Feeny
  • Nacra15 – Robbie Daniel
  • Radial – Brian Swingly & Alana O’Reilly
  • T293+ – Justin Ahearn

Other Championship Information

2017 Results and Reports

Selection and Entry Guide for the 2018 US Youth Sailing Championship, outlining NEW process and timeline.

Introduction: This guide is intended for sailors interested in entering the 2018 US Youth Sailing Championship, to be held on June 23-27 at the Carolina Yacht Club in Wrightsville Beach, NC. The selection and entry process has been updated for 2018 with the goal of a simpler, more streamlined process. The two main changes to the process are: (1) sailors who have gained entry via an Early Acceptance event no longer need to fill out the application, they simply need to register to confirm their entry and (2) the application itself for those applying via resume has been simplified. Please refer to the Notice of Race (NoR) for full event details.

Section 5 of the NoR describes the selection and entry process. NoR 5.1 states:

Early Acceptance: The first thing sailors interested in entering the Youth Champs should identify is if they have earned Early Acceptance. NoR 5.2 describes this process:

 From March 1st to April 10th, sailors that have earned Early Acceptance and meet all eligibility criteria may register for Youth Champs. Unlike in past years, they do not need to fill out an application. This is new for 2018.

The final Early Acceptance regatta ends on March 31st, at which point the final Early Acceptance list will be posted. Registration for Early Acceptance sailors will close on April 10th.

Resume Application: Sailors who have not entered through the Early Acceptance process will need to submit a resume application. Applications are reviewed by the team of selectors who serve on the Youth Champs Selection Committee, under the direction of the chief selector (this is different from the US Youth Championship Committee). NoR 5.3 describes this process:

The application form has been simplified for 2018, but sailors are still encouraged to be as thorough as possible when filling out the application. The selectors are particularly interested in the description of the training plan.

Upon completing and submitting your application, you will receive an email confirmation that your application has been received.

New for 2018, there is no application fee.

Questions are welcome to be submitted to

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why are there two ways to be selected for the US Youth Championship (early acceptance and application)?
A: The purpose of the Early Acceptance Regattas is to provide opportunities for sailors to be selected for the US Youth Championship based on their performance at a single highly competitive regatta (ie, to “sail-in”). The purpose of the application process is to provide an opportunity for sailors to be selected based on their resume of regatta results and training plan. The overall goal is to make sure that the top sailors in each class have ample opportunity to gain acceptance to the Youth Champs and compete in US Sailing’s premier youth regatta.

Q: If I earn an Early Acceptance invitation in the one class (ex: Radial), can I switch to a different class (ex: Laser) and still have Early Acceptance?
A: No. Early Acceptance spots must be used in the class they were earned in. If you intend to sail Youth Champs in a different class, you can apply for selection via resume.

Q: Our team earned an Early Acceptance invitation as a doublehanded team, but we are now sailing with new teammates. Do our Early Acceptance invitations carry over to the new teams?
A: No. The Youth Champs selection process considers each doublehanded team unique, so if you are sailing with new teammates you will need to apply for selection via resume.

Q: I sail as a part of a male/female or female/male i-420 or 29er team. Can I be selected via Early Acceptance Regatta?
A: No, mixed teams are not eligible for Early Acceptance in the i-420 and 29er classes, but they are eligible for selection via resume. In order to be eligible for Early Acceptance in the i-420 or 29er classes, you must sail as a male/male or female/female pair. This is an effort to support teams that aspire to sail i-420 or 29er in the Youth World Championship, which is sailed in single-gender fleets.

Q: The Early Acceptance Regattas are mostly in Florida, Texas and California. Do I have to travel to these regattas in order to be selected for Youth Champs?
A: No. Sailors who do not attend any Early Acceptance Regattas may be selected for Youth Champs via resume based on their performance at regional and national regattas and their training plan. The circuit of Early Acceptance Regattas is focused on the winter and spring seasons, with the goal of selecting sailors who are performing well in the months immediately prior to Youth Champs. Since most major regattas at this time of year are held in warm parts of the country, it is difficult to achieve regional balance.

Q: The boat classes that I currently sail are not in Youth Champs. Can I still sail in Youth Champs?
A: Yes, but you will need to train and compete in the new class in order to prepare. Trying different boat classes and expanding your skills to new sailing disciplines is key to building a well-rounded skill-set and growing as a sailor. The classes sailed in Youth Champs reflect the international standard for youth high performance racing, offering sailors the opportunity to excel at the national and international levels. If you find a Youth Champs class that is a good fit, the next step is to build your training plan and spend time on the water sailing the boat. When you apply for Youth Champs, the selection committee will take into account your regatta results from other classes and disciplines, as well as your training plan. For sailors transitioning to a new class, a detailed training plan is critical to a successful application.

Q: I’m reviewing the application and I didn’t sail in any of the events you have listed. Is there any chance I’ll be accepted to Youth Champs?
A: Yes, regional and local regattas are important and you should list them on your application for the selectors to consider. Make sure to include the regattas that had high quality competition and where you feel you demonstrated your ability.

Q: What’s the difference between “application” and “registration”?

A: Teams that have not been accepted via Early Acceptance events need to submit an “application” in order to be considered to be allocated a spot at the event — see Selection and Entry Via Resume Application section of the NoR for more details. All teams who have been accepted to Youth Champs (whether via Early Acceptance event or Resume Application) need to fill out the official “registration”  in order to secure their spot.


The following is the list of teams who have earned entry via an Early Acceptance Regatta and are eligible to compete as per NoR section 4. Athletes on this list who choose to compete at the 2018 Youth Championships must register between March 1 and April 10, 2018.

Please refer to the Notice of Race for full selection details.

Updated 4/2/2018

  • Laser (open): Up to 9 Prospective Athletes selected by Early Acceptance:
    • Marshall McCann
    • Ford McCann
    • Leo Boucher
    • Henry Marshall
    • Caleb Robinson
    • Pete McGriff
    • Joseph Hou
    • Cameron Feves
    • Lukas Kraak
  • Laser Radial Boy: Up to 15 Prospective Athletes selected by Early Acceptance:
    • James Paul
    • Maxwell Mayol
    • Cameron Giblin
    • Chase Carraway
    • Ricky Welch
    • Asher Zittrer
    • Chapman Petersen
    • Mateo Di Blasi
    • Connor Nelson
    • Marcus Huttunen
    • Caleb Yoslov
    • Caden Scheiblauer
    • Owen Timms
    • Diego Escobar
    • Matthew Wallave
  • Laser Radial Girl: Up to 14 Prospective Athletes selected by Early Acceptance:
    • Abbie Carlson
    • Grace Austin
    • Marianna Shand
    • AnaLucia Clarkson
    • Anika Boicheff
    • Lucija Ruzevic
    • Charlotte Rose
    • Lillian Myers
    • Hallie Schiffman
    • Elizabeth Shanahan
    • Emma McInnis
    • Heather Kerns
    • Annika Fedde
    • Sarah Young
  • i-420 Boy: Up to 7 Teams** of Prospective Athletes selected by Early Acceptance:
    • Dylan Ascencios/Will George
    • JC Hermus/Walter Henry
    • Thomas Hall/Sam Gavula
    • Lachlain McGranahan/Declan McGranahan
    • Max Anker/Leyton Borcherding
    • Justin Callahan/Mitchell Callahan
  • i-420 Girl: Up to 6 Teams** of Prospective Athletes selected by Early Acceptance:
    • Carmen Cowles/Emma Cowles
    • Michelle Larhkamp/Gabriella DelBello
    • Sarah Burn/Patricia Gerli
    • Maddie Hawkins/Yumi Yoshiyasu
    • Hannah Freeman/Jana Laurendeau
    • Teagan Cunningham/Nicole Moeder
  • Nacra 15 (open): Up to 8 Teams of Prospective Athletes selected by Early Acceptance:
    • Nico Martin/AnaClare Sole
    • Mark Brunsvold/Dylan Heinz
    • Matthew Monts/Carlyn Blauvelt
    • Justin Callahan/Bella Casaretto
    • Mia Nicolosi/Teddy Nicolosi
    • Jack Sutter/Charlotte Versavel
    • Jake Mayol/Max Mayol
    • Ben Rosenberg/Sidney Charbonnet
  • T293+ Boy:  Up to 3 Prospective Athletes selected by Early Acceptance:
    • Alexander Temko
    • Manu Nores
    • Maverick Putnam
  • T293+ Girl: Up to 2 Prospective Athletes selected by Early Acceptance:
  • 29er Boy: Up to 5 Teams** of Prospective Athletes selected by Early Acceptance:
    • Ryan Janov/Grant Janov
    • Ryan Eastwood/Sam Merson
    • Charlie Hibben/Nicholas Hardy
    • Niel Marcellini/Jack Joslin
    • Peter Joslin/Scott Mais
  • 29er Girl: Up to 4 Teams** of Prospective Athletes selected by Early Acceptance:
    • Bella Casaretto/Kaitlin Hamilton
    • Berta Puig/Bella Casaretto
    • Brooke Shachoy/Jana Laurendeau
    • Blaire McCarthy/Annabelle Huyard

**29er and i-420 teams must sail as male/male or female/female teams in order to be eligible for Early Acceptance. However, mixed teams in all doublehanded classes may apply via resume.

2018 Youth Champs Application

The application for Youth Champs has been updated for 2018 to make it easier for you, the sailor! The application is now a two page form collecting information about you, your teammate (if applicable), your sailing training plan and recent results. We recommend reading through the information outlined below before beginning the application.

General information on the application:

  • Application period opens March 1
  • Applications are due April 15, 2018 by midnight
  • For doublehanded boats, one application per boat is required
  • For doublehanded boats, mixed gender teams are accepted
  • If you gather all of the information ahead of time, the application will only take you 10 minutes to fill out!

Before starting the application:

  • Make sure your US Sailing membership is up to date. You will need a valid US Sailing member ID to apply
  • If you are not a US citizen, but a permanent resident, you will need to obtain a Sailing Residence certificate from World Sailing in order to be eligible to compete in Youth Worlds. You must obtain this certificate before submitting your application. To inquire about receiving a Residence certificate, email
  • Review the information that will be asked for in the application (outlined below) and make sure you have that handy (including teammate information, for doublehanded boats)
  • Type up your training plan/schedule ahead of time so you can just copy and paste it into that section of the application
  • Gather information from the regattas you’ve competed in this past year. For each event be sure to include: name of regatta, location/host, dates, your overall result. (overall result: if you finished 1st in silver fleet, but there were 20 boats in gold fleet, your overall result is 21st)

Application sections:

  • Part 1: Sailor Information
    • Sailor Name
    • Cell phone number
    • Email
    • Address
    • Birthday
    • US Sailing number (if you don’t have it memorized, look it up here:
    • Parent name, email and phone number
    • You will be asked to indicate in this section if you intend to charter a boat
    • You will be asked to indicate in if you intend to apply for housing from the regatta host
    • You will be asked if you are a legal US Citizen, and if not, to provide a World Sailing Residence certificate
  • Part 1.5 (only applicable for doublehanded boats)
    • Team mate’s name
    • Teammate’s cell phone number
    • Teammate’s email
    • Teammate’s Address
    • Teammate’s Birthday
    • Teammate’s US Sailing number (if you don’t have it memorized, look it up here:
    • Teammate’s Parent name, email and phone number
  • Part 2: Sailing Information
    • Training Plan: you will be asked in this section to outline your training plan. This is a free form, text section. We recommend typing this up ahead of starting your app and copying and pasting in as you fill it out.
    • Note from the Selection Committee: Along with your regatta results, the selection committee would like to gain a better understanding of how you train outside of competition to continually improve on your skills. Please outline both what you have been doing to this point and what you plan to accomplish between now and Youth Champs. Your outline should include (but not be limited to) the number of days/hours on the water per week, your physical training plan, which coaches or other sailors you work with on a regular basis, your upcoming regatta/clinic/camp schedule, and any cross training that you do. Feel free to elaborate as much as you would like in this section. The more thorough you describe the way in which you train, the more we’ll know about you and how committed you are to the sport. 
    • Recent Racing Experience: you will be given a list of regattas from the past year, and asked to check off which regattas you attended. No need to fill in your results, we have that information!
      • If you didn’t compete in any of the events listed, don’t freak out! Just compile a list of 4-5 regattas you’ve done this past year, along with your results. You will still be considered. The list we’re providing is simply a list of major regattas in your class.
      • Note for doublehanded boats: for each regatta, we’ve asked you to indicate if you sailed together as a team at that event, if the skipper sailed with a different crew, or the crew sailed with a different skipper.


Teams who have been accepted via the Early Application process and are eligible to compete as per the NoR may register for the event between March 1 and April 10.

When registering for a US Sailing event, you must have a membership that is active through the end of the regatta. If your membership expires before or during the event, you will need to preemptively renew it before you can register. (The renewal will go into effect the date your current registration expires.) Renew online ( or by calling US Sailing at 1-800-877-2451.

Registration for Early Accepted Teams


U.S. Youth Sailing Championship 2017



About the Championship

  • The U.S. Youth Sailing Championship was started in 1973 at the Sheridan Shore Yacht Club in Wilmette IL. The top 150 sailors from around the country, aged 19 or under (ISAF World Youth Championship age limit), were sent invitations on US Olympic Yachting Committee letterhead to attend the event in Lasers and 470s in mid-June.
  • The U.S. Youth Championship is now the pinnacle of youth racing for the summer season.
  • Invitations to the event are made by US Sailing’s Youth Championship Selection Committee, based on review of applicant’s entry forms.
  • Other than the Laser, boats have changed over the years.
  • In 2006, this prestigious championship included Club 420’s, Lasers, Laser Radials and 29ers. In 2013, another championship, the U.S. Youth Multihull Championship was incorporated into the Youth Championship. The International 420s were included and Boardsailing was also reintroduced.
  • What’s at Stake
    • The Robert L. Johnstone III Trophy for the Singlehanded Laser Winner
    • Manton D. Scott Trophy for the Doublehanded Dinghy (I420) Team
    • The Robert and Ann Conner Trophy for the laser Radial Division Winner
    • Arthur J. Stevens for the Multihull Winner
    • Major Hall Trophy for the Windsurfing Winner
    • David M. Perry Sportsmanship Award Recognition as well as Sportsmanship Keepers, in each class


Championship Facts

  • Type of Event: Invite Only
  • Laser, Radial, 29er, International 420, Nacra 15, Techno 293 Plus
  • Competitors shall not reach their 20th birthday by December 31
  • Must be current members of US Sailing
  • Must be a U.S. Citizens and provide copy of current passport at registration.
  • Permanent residents who have resided in the US for at least five years may apply for a waiver at
  • Once invited, crew changes are not permitted (except in case of an emergency)