It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time sailor or an experienced instructor.

We have an educational opportunity for everyone.

Learn to Sail with US Sailing. Part of US Sailing’s vision is to introduce as many people as possible to this great sport. We want to make sure you’re learning in a safe, fun, high-quality environment…because if you’re a well-trained, competent sailor you’ll love sailing as much as we do. US Sailing provides education and instruction in four separate areas: Small Boat (i.e. day sailing), Keelboat, Powerboat and Windsurfing. Learn more about the different programs offered by US Sailing schools and instructors. We’ll help you decide what kind of boat you want to learn on and find a course to take – and we’ve written the books ourselves to make sure they’re the best around.

For those looking to learn for the first time, the Small Boat Certification Program offers a simple and inexpensive way to get started in sailing. A nationwide network of US Sailing smallboat instructors help provide high quality instruction at Community Sailing Centers, Yacht Clubs or Commercial Schools. Some small boats, commonly referred to as” dinghies” or “daysailing keelboats” are designed specifically for youth, but can also be utilized for adult programming as well.

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The Keelboat Certification System offers seven levels of adult education ranging from Basic Keelboat through Offshore Passagemaking. These certifications follow a building-block technique of combining learned skills with experience. New sailors gain knowledge and experience at each level and can take their sailing skills as far as they want to go at their own pace. Interested in cruising, power-cruising or international travel? This is the place for you.

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These courses were the first national certification courses offering on-the-water, hands-on training! Certified instructors provide a flexible, entry-level course for either youth or adults – or the course may be structured as a more precision boat-handling session for support boat operators.

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For those interested in teaching sailing or powerboating, there are several opportunities to achieve Instructor Certification. We offer certification for smallboat, keelboat, powerboat, windsurfing and STEM instructors.

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Windsurfers are a fun and affordable way to experience the thrill of sailing. Windsurfers are ‘boards’, much like a surfboard. They come in various sizes and widths, which help determine the level of skill needed to ride each one. Beginning windsurf boards are wider and longer than advanced boards, and are great for people new to the sport. Each board has a sail attached to a rotating mast which is attached to the board. US Sailing supports a curriculum of windsurfing instruction based on the Start Windsurfing Right! book and taught by certified instructors.

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The Reach Program utilizes sailing as an educational platform, challenging youth to embrace education, establish a love of learning and explore productive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) based careers. Combining educators, sailing instructors, engineers, scientists with today’s youth to provide them with a one of a kind authentic learning experience, giving students the opportunity to apply classroom learning in a cooperative work environment.

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US Sailing, in conjunction with the International Association for Disabled Sailing (IFDS) offers an Adaptive Sailing Resource Manual. which providing resources and suggestions for organizations looking to develop an adaptive sailing program, or expand upon an existing one. We also provide assistance with suggestions on modifications, materials and general program structures.

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The Junior Big Boat Program (JBBS) is an opportunity for teens to sail with an instructor, or coach, on 35-45 foot well-outfitted sailboats. The JBBS program highlights fun, social and teamwork. With JBBS skills, teens can be valuable crew on cruising boats and club racers.

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Community Sailing programs provide public access, and education to anyone interested in learning to sail or powerboat. US Sailing recognizes high quality Community Sailing centers through an accreditation program and presents awards to those individuals and organizations that have had an outstanding impact on public access sailing in the US.

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