The Racing Rules of Sailing provides an appeals process from decisions of protest committees. The appeals process is covered in Appendix R of the rulebook, as well as rules 70 and 71.


Members of US Sailing may download a PDF copy of The Appeals Book for 2017-2020
from the Race Official Publications page.

Changes to the Appeals Book 2017-2020 since it was put online in January 2017

Download a PDF copy of the World Sailing Case Book

Filing an Appeal

The US Sailing Appeals & Requests Information Form

If you have a question about filing an Appeal, you can read the Appeals Committee’s  Appeals FAQ

You can also read Dave Perry’s “Do’s and Don’ts of Filing an Appeal”

Expedited Appeals provide an appeals process for Protected Competitions. For more information, see Expedited Appeals

Ombudsman for Filing a Grievance or Appealing a Rule 69 Decision

Do you have questions about the process for filing a grievance under Regulation 15 or an appeal of a rule 69 decision? An ombudsman is available to help racing sailors understand what procedures to follow when filing a grievance or an appeal of a rule 69 decision. This position was created by the US Sailing Board of Directors to provide sailors with quick answers to their questions and to help them avoid the pitfalls associated with these processes.

Any sailor or official who has questions or needs direction about the filing process may contact Robert Lane, the ombudsman, by email.

Recently published appeals from the US Sailing Appeals Committee:

Appeal 114 (posted 1/2017)

Question 115 (posted 1/2017)

Question 116 (posted 5/2017)

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