Provide leadership, integrity and advancement for the sport of sailing.


Be the recognized leader in training and certification, in support for the racing sailor and in facilitating access to sailing.

About US Sailing

US Sailing was originally organized as the North American Yacht Racing Union (NAYRU) on October 30, 1897. As the National Governing Body for the sport of sailing, US Sailing’s mission is to provide leadership for the sport of sailing in the United States. The organization works to achieve this mission through a wide range of programs and events, geared towards providing an equal level playing field for all sailors. US Sailing sets the course enabling sailors to enjoy the sport for a lifetime.

For first-time sailors, US Sailing ensures that they will learn from experienced and certified instructors who follow national guidelines and are trained using a nationwide curriculum. For sailing programs and one-design sailing organizations, US Sailing hosts networking events and symposiums that bring together experts who address the latest developments in these areas of the sport. Young sailors who are just starting out in the sport can learn about sailboat racing through one of many Junior Olympic sailing festivals organized by US Sailing every year.

For racing sailors, US Sailing provides an equal level playing field by training and certifying race officials, judges, and umpires and by ensuring standardized rules and sailing instructions. For sailboat owners who enjoy competing in offshore events, US Sailing provides rating certificates such as IRC and ORR to enable boats of various sizes to compete against each other. Safety on the water is an essential part of US Sailing’s training programs, including powerboat courses. US Sailing’s Safety at Sea Seminar is a course required by many offshore regatta organizers.

We host 16 National Championships at sailing organizations around the country. These championships offer various disciplines of racing so sailors can test their skill level at a national level. For sailors aiming to represent the USA at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, US Sailing trains, selects, and manages these great athletes.

US Sailing could not achieve its mission without the ongoing support of its members and volunteers. Our members have a shared passion for this lifelong sport.

US Sailing Strategic Initiatives 2015-2016

US Sailing has organized a set of goals, strategies, action items and measures that act as a guide to drive our efforts on a daily basis.

At US Sailing, we envision a future where everyone has an opportunity to sail and enjoy a lifetime of rewarding experiences on the water.

Here is a list of goals that US Sailing, along with our valued committee and board members, staff and constituents have created that are important to the current and future health of sailing in the United States:

1. Promote participation, education and safety
2. Raise standards and expand competitive sailing in the U.S.
3. Achieve success at highest levels of international competition
4. Strengthen governance and organizational efficiency
5. Grow membership

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