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US SAILING Executive Committee
June 21, 2004 8:00 p.m. E.D.T
Telephone Conference

President Janet Baxter called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m. E.D.T.

Executive Committee members present were: Janet Baxter, Jim Capron, Bruce Eissner. Fred Hagedorn, Dick Hanneman, Tom Hubbell, Leslie Keller, Patty Lawrence, Bill Munster, and Joni Palmer. Absent were Dean Brenner, Paul Callahan, Ruth Creighton, Don Durant, Jim Muldoon and Bill Ross. Also present were Executive Director Nick Craw, and the following guests: Women's Representative Susan Epstein, One Design Class Council Director Clay Mock, and Rules Committee Chair Dick Rose.

Dick Rose led a discussion of US SAILING prescriptions for the 2005-2008 Racing Rules of Sailing. The prescriptions were reviewed and approved by subcommittee made up of members of both the Racing Rules and the Executive Committees.

Action Item:
A motion was made to approve the Prescriptions as proposed, subject to any non-substantive editing changes that may be required when the final ISAF Rules are published, was made, seconded and carried.

President Baxter reported on her participation in the ISAF meeting in San Diego and the President's Council activities in Newport, R.I.

Executive Director announced that the credit balance was reduced to $175,000 and that US SAILING was in a positive cash position for the first time in many months. The newest Newsletter has been mailed, and a second mailing for Olympic Team support is expected to result in reaching the original fund raising goal of $100,000.

Treasurer Leslie Keller reported that the new accounting programs would be on-line as of June 22, 2004. She cautioned that cash flow is dependent on current payables and receivables.

Fred Hagedorn, US SAILING Olympic Committee Chair reported that several sailor athletes are already in Athens. An initial draft of the Committee budget for the next quadrennium is in preparation.

Action Items:
President Baxter appointed Ruth Creighton, Leslie Keller and Bruce Eissner to a task force to review the pricing and price differentials of all products and services for members and non-members.

After a discussion of the new ISAF classification code policy, President Baxter appointed Nick Craw, Leslie Keller and Bruce Eissner to work with staff compiling information needed to evaluate the impact the ISAF policy could have on US SAILING and its members.

Tom Hubble discussed responses he has received concerning the report of the Structure Task Force. Almost all response has been positive to date. The committee is looking into additional avenues to disseminate the proposals.

Action Item:
A motion to adopt the proposed Youth Multihull Endowment Fund was made, seconded and carried. Capital for the fund comes from the sale of "Fast & Fun" equipment and the current "Fast and Fun" account. The proposal from the Multihull Council is attached to these minutes.

A motion to adopt the Deed of Gift to create the Arthur J. Stevens Trophy to be awarded annually to the winner of the US SAILING Youth Multihull Championship was made seconded and carried. The Deed of Gift is attached to these minutes.

Patty Lawrence announced that the first One Design Seminar for class leaders to be held Nov. 12-14, 2004 at the Best Western Hotel in Newport, R.I. The seminar program will focus on sharing information, class growth and partnership ideas.

In a memo, Bill Ross reported that representatives from Area B and the U.S. Virgin Islands will propose a new Regional Sailing Association, the Virgin Islands RSA, to become affiliated with Area B.

Action Item:
The following motion was made, seconded and carried: The Executive Committee of the United Sates Sailing Association, on behalf of the entire Association, extends its congratulations and appreciation to Mr. William C. Martin for his outstanding leadership of the United States Olympic Committee through its time of tremendous transition, as the USOC's Acting President; and on his "passing of the torch" to the newly created and re-formatted USOC Board of Directors on June 14, 2004. The resolution is attached to these minutes.

President Baxter announced that a group is being formed as the Offshore Racing Clubs of America to work on rules and rating for offshore events.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:57 p.m. E.D.T.

Dick Hanneman

See Attachment: Creation of a Restricted Youth Multihull Endowment Fund




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