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A meeting of the Executive Committee of the United States Sailing Association was held by telephone conference at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday, December 19, 2000.  President Dave Rosekrans presided, and Secretary Sarah Alger recorded the minutes.
  1. Roll Call and Introduction of Guests.  All members of the Executive Committee were present.  Also present were Executive Director Terry Harper and, at the invitation of the President, Board members Patty Lawrence and Darline Hobock.
  2. Approval of Minutes.  The minutesof the November 21, 2000 meeting of the Executive Committee were approved as distributed before the meeting.
  3. Budget Report. Staff and the Budget Committee are working on analyzing US SAILING spending and revenue over time to better understand cash flow trends.
  4. President's Remarks.  President Rosekrans reported that he is excited about several of US SAILING's outreach programs, particularly the Sailing Smart and Camp Counselor programs briefly discussed later in the minutes.  In the past month, he also attended the USOC board meeting, and found that USOC is in a difficult state of transition.  He also participated in a recent US SAILING Olympic Sailing committee meeting, which included three Olympians, that was very productive and positive.
  5. Treasurer's Report.  Cynthia Leary Johnson, the new financial manager, is on board and getting up to speed.  Good news: to date, US SAILING has not had to touch its operating reserves or additional line of credit.
  6. Executive Director's Report.
          *   Membership - Mr. Harper noted that the membership report was faxed
               to committee members.  Reprogramming the membership database to
              accommodate multi-year payments of individual membership dues is on
              track.  Renewal letters will advise members that they can renew before 
              March 1 for $40 for one year.  After March 1, the new multi-year rates will    
              apply regardless of when a member is scheduled to renew.

          *  Audit - The auditors are currently doing their field work.  So far, no major
              issues have surfaced.

          *  Staff Changes - Cynthia Leary Johnson, the new Financial Manager,
             began work December 11.  Tim Rossi has joined the Membership
             Department, effective December 19.  Training Director Janine Ahmed
             continues to look for someone to fill the Keelboat Program Manager
             position.  Finally, Walter Green will be leaving January 12.
  7. Olympic Sailing Committee
          *  Transition of Paralympic Responsibility to OSC - Efforts are
              underway   with the Sailors with Special Needs Committee to move 
              responsibility for the development of the US Disabled Sailing Team to the
              Olympic Sailing Committee, and a proposal has been drafted.  This  
              change will enable a number of synergies with the Olympic Department
              staff.  Paul Callahan has accepted a position on the Executive Committee
              of the OSC, providing a Paralympic voice.  It was noted that it is very
              important for disabled sailors to be a part of the mainstream of sailing, and
              this change will help support that.  It also was noted that only the elite
             disabled team is moving to Olympic Sailing.  Formal approval of the
              proposal by the Executive Committee will be requested once the Sailors
              with Special Needs Committee has reviewed and approved it.
                        *  A motion was moved, seconded and approved to support efforts to
                           move Paralympic Sailing Team development to the Olympic
                           Sailing Committee.

          *  Status of Compliance Issues - Ted Everingham and Fred Hagedorn are
             drafting a "plain English" description of the athlete representation
             requirement for use by committee chairs.  Committees that must have 20%
             athlete representation are listed in the bylaws.  Fred Hagedorn suggested
             that a small group be established to work with the committee chairs on
             determining which of their members qualify as athletes.  Then the Executive
             Committee will vote on the committee lists via email.  The staff is working
             on developing a comprehensive list of which evens qualify participants to
             be described as athletes.

         *  Discussion Regarding the Selection of International Teams
             (Other than Offshore)
    - Currently, the Olympic Sailing Committee leads
            the selection of the international teams except for Youth Worlds and
            Offshore.  Because the expertise needed to support the Youth Worlds team
            lies within the OSC, it has been proposed that selection responsibility be
            moved from the Youth Championship Committee to the OSC, and that the
            youth representative to the Board be a member of the Executive Committee
           of the OSC.   President Rosekrans noted that through the multihull
           committee, US SAILING has been working on establishing a selection event|
           for the new ISAF Youth Worlds event for multihulls.
  8. Sailing Smart - Establishment of this program to introduce sailing to kids is"
    moving forward.  US SAILING will receive a royalty of $1.50 on each "Sailing
    Smart" book that is sold.
  9. Camp Counselor program - Discussions among staff and volunteers as to the most effective method for implementing this program operationally are continuing.  This outreach program involves a joint effort with the Coast Guard and others. 
  10. Working Parties - Working Parties were established by President Rosekrans as follows:

         *  Advertising Code - to study the new advertising code and recommend a
            course of action for US SAILING to follow.  Dick Hanneman - Chairman,
            Paul Ansfield, Stann Betts, Bruce Eissner, Bill Keith, Dan Nowlan - Staff
            Liason, charles Cook - Advisor.

        *   Strategic Planning - to review the Strategic Objectives for possible changes
            and update the Priority Goals.  Mike Schoettle - Chairman.  It was agreed
            that the Executive Committee as a whole will act as the Strategic Planning
            Committee.  The Executive Committee voted to schedule an all-day, one-
            day retreat beginning on the Thursday before the spring meeting to develop
            goals for US SAILING.

        *   Bylaws - to consider suggested bylaw changes and, when appropriate,
            make recommendations regarding changes.  Ted Everingham - Chairman,
            Walt Chamberlain.  Suggestions may come from anyone, however the past
            Presidents of US SAILING will be solicited for their thoughts.
  11. US SAILING's Image - There was discussion about the image of US SAILING. 
    President Rosekrans agreed to appoint a Public Relations Working part to explore this issue.
  12. Unfinished Business
        *  Committee Nominations
                  *  A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the following
                     nominations for the Alter Cup Committee: Steve Leo - Chairman, Long
                     Beach, CA;  Mike Grandfield, Brookline, MA;  Mark Hansen, Redondo
                     Beach, CA;  Bill Jolley, Niceville, FL;  Darline Hobock, Tulsa, OK.
        *  Dues Change - US SAILING is on target for implementing the new dues
           structure for individual adults effective March 1.

        *  Prince of Wales National Match Racing Championship - Discussion
           was deferred to January; a report will be sent in advance of the next
           Executive Committee meeting.

        *  Appeals of protest Committee decisions - Discussion of draft changes
           that would enable appeals of protest committee decisions made under rule
           69.1 to go to the Article 14 Review Board was deferred to January.

        *  Rules Changes - President Rosekrans reported that it was necessary to
           consider the process by which the Executive Committee would review and
           approve proposed Prescriptions to the Racing Rules of Sailing, proposed
           submissions to ISAF for changes to the Racing Rules of Sailing, and
           proposed submissions for the ISAF Match Race Call Book, ISAF Team
           Race Call Book, and ISAF Case Book.
                 *  A motion was made, seconded, and unanimously carried that a
                    working party consisting of Charley Cook, Ted Everingham and Fred
                    Hagedorn review any such submissions, make recommendations to
                    the Executive Committee, and serve as the Executive Committee's
                    nominees to the Conference Committee provided for in Regulation
                    6.10 with respect to proposed prescriptions.  The working party will
                    continue its role through the 2001 ISAF Annual Conference.
  13. Offshore - Bruce Eissner reported that a new system for Safety at Sea education, which requires programs category 0 and 1 to be approved by the Offshore Committee, is under development.  Dan Nowlan, Ralph Naranjo, Glenn McCarthy and Bruce Eissner will review the programs.  Individuals must be US SAILING members to participate; certification of participants will be through US SAILING.  Offshore also is exploring web-based or partially web-based education programs.  Finally, a revised offshore budget is being developed.
  14. Upcoming Events - The National Sail Programs Symposium will be held January 17-20 in San Diego.  Joni Palmer, under teh leadership of Glen Brandenburg, Rich Jepson and Mike Schoettle, has put together an excellent program.  There also will be a great advanced coaching session.

    Guests Patty Lawrence and Darline Hobock signed off.

  Article 14 AND RRS 69 Matters - The Executive Committee and the Executive
         Director continued in executive session respecting Article 14 and RRS 69
         matters.  Summaries were sent in advance.

  Executive Session - Mr. Harper was excused, and the Executive Committee
  continued in executive session.

  The meeting adjourned at 10:07 p.m. (Eastern Time).  The next meeting will be by
  telephone conference call at 2:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) on January 23, 2001.


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