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A meeting of the Executive Committee of the United States Sailing Association was held by telephone conference at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) on Tuesday, November 21, 2000. President Dave Rosekrans presided, and Secretary Sarah Alger recorded the minutes.

  1. Roll Call and Introduction of Guests. All members of the Executive Committee were present except Bruce Eissner and Pat Seidenspinner. Also present were Executive Director Terry Harper and, at the invitation of the President, Board members Stan Betts and TK Wegg.

  2. Election of the Budget Chair.

  • The Executive Committee unanimously approved a motion to name
    Donna Hobbs as Chair of the Budget Committee.

  1. Approval of Minutes.

  • A motion was passed to approve the minutes of the October 14, 2000 
    AGM meeting.

  • A motion was passed to approve the minutes of the October 15, 2000 
    meeting of the Executive Committee, with the date corrected.

  • A motion was passed to approve the minutes of the October 15, 2000 
    meeting of the Board.

  • At the request of the Multihull committee, the Executive Committee 
    approved a motion to change the terms of reference 2.2 to state "The 
    Multihull committee shall be comprised of six members, and at least three
    members shall be members of the Multihull Council."

  1. Budget Report. Budget Committee Chair Donna Hobbs joined the call. She reported that she hopes to have a committee slate in place for the Executive Committee to approve at the next meeting.

  2. ISAF Report. Charley Cook reported on the recent ISAF meeting in Scotland. Highlights included: Ding Schoonmaker was elected as VP on the first ballot. The equipment rules of sailing were passed as the US had hoped. Regarding the Olympic classes and the Advertising Code, most of what the delegation was advised to ask for was passed. The biggest challenge now is how to integrate the ORC into the ISAF delegation. Dave Rosekrans added that we owe Charley Cook a great debt of gratitude. The Executive Committee also thanked Charley for his daily ISAF reports. Charley noted that everyone on the delegation deserved a lot of credit. He also noted that Pease Glaser received a standing ovation.

    The Executive Committee also discussed a concern raised by a US Sailing member that ISAF may have broken its own rules by changing women’s match racing to fleet racing. The member has asked US Sailing to reopen discussion on this subject. After due consideration, it was noted that the ISAF delegation had already argued hard for match racing, and that reopening the issue at this time would not achieve the desired goal. The Executive Committee also determined that if the athletes can demonstrate to the Member National Authorities of the ISAF that match racing has world-wide support, US Sailing might reconsider its position.

  • The Executive Committee approved a motion supporting the application 
    of the Alpena Cup as an ISAF Grade 3 Event on the women’s match 
    racing circuit.

  1. ISAF Advertising Code: Charley Cook reported on the adoption of the new Advertising Code by the ISAF. A number of issues are raised by the code, among which are:

Licensing: Executive Committee members noted that complying with the Advertising Code within the United States should be made as user friendly as possible. The Executive Director was asked to investigate the feasibility of printing a brief statement on US Sailing membership cards to the effect that the member is licensed to display Category C advertising where otherwise allowed.

Club/Invitational Advertising: the Executive Committee felt that each club should be allowed to determine whether or not it will follow category A or C advertising regulations.

  • A motion was approved stating that US Sailing will adopt a licensing 
    system, the requirement of which will be membership in US Sailing.

  • A motion was passed to allow US SAILING-member clubs to declare 
    events as "club" or "invitational" events, so long as the events meet the requirements of the ISAF code.

President Rosekrans will name a small task force to look into the additional issues raised by the Advertising Code and to make recommendations to the Executive Committee.

  1. President’s Remarks. Dave Rosekrans noted that US SAILING has been asked to complete and submit a questionnaire to USOC regarding compliance to the requirements of the USOC Membership and Credentialing committee. Fred Hagedorn will assist Ted Everingham in completing the questionnaire.

  2. Dave Rosekrans will send a letter to all committee chairs regarding the requirement that 20% of the membership of designated committees must be athletes, half of whom must be tier 1, elite athletes, and half of whom must be tier two the other half must be international competitors (as defined in Article 15 of our Bylaws). It also was noted that the election of the Athletes Advisory Council representative to the USOC is currently in process, and it was proposed that US Sailing might consider having that individual serve as a member of the US Sailing Executive Committee as well. At this point, Charley Cook left the conference call due to a previous commitment.

  3. Treasurer’s Report. Stephen Jeffries briefly reviewed the financial statements for the year ending Oct. 31, 2000, which were distributed to the Executive Committee by fax before the meeting. The preliminary end of year report prepared by our accounting firm indicates that US Sailing will end the year with much less of a shortfall than was projected at the October Annual Meeting.

  4. Following the Treasurer’s Report, Donna Hobbs left the conference call.

  5. Executive Director’s Report.

  1. Membership Report. Terry Harper reported that renewals are essentially even with FY 2000 year-to-date numbers.

  2. Modifications that must be made to the database structure to accommodate multi-year individual memberships are underway, and are currently on schedule for implementation in time to accommodate April-renewing members.

    The changes required to implement a multi-year organizational dues structure envisioned by the Board-are still under development.

  3. NGB Collaborative Web Site Proposal. Terry Harper reported on the status of the NGB Collaborative. The proposed Internet Agreement is in hand, and the business plan is expected shortly.

  4. Other Matters. We are reviewing the status of our agreement with MBNA regarding the automobile insurance program. Terry Harper advised that we cannot sign a contract with Chubb until the MBNA contract issue is resolved.

  5. Staff. A new financial manager has been hired. Cynthia Leary-Johnson will start on December 11.


   9.  New Business.

  1. Committee Nominations.

  • A motion was passed to approve the nominations to the Judges
    Committee, Appeals Committee and Rules Committee (see Attachment).

  1. Sailing Centers/Liability Policy. Terry Harper and Mike Schoettle reported on various aspects of our relationships with our designated US SAILING Centers. After considerable discussion regarding risks and benefits, it was noted that it is important for US Sailing to continue to support the centers by offering them insurance. It also was noted that Mike Schoettle is currently on the board of the Long Beach Sailing Center and the OSC chair is a member of the board of the Miami U.S. Olympic Sailing Center.

  • A motion was passed that US Sailing ask each of the sailing centers to 
    place a representative of US Sailing, nominated by the Executive 
    Committee of US Sailing, on the board of each Sailing Center (Miami’s 
    Olympic Training Facility already has the Olympic Sailing Committee 
    chairman on its board).

  • A motion was passed to allow the Long Beach Sailing Center to continue
    to purchase US Sailing’s Bumbershoot policy.

  1. Sailing Smart. Dave Rosekrans noted that distribution of the Sailing Smart books is being determined, and pricing will depend on the system that is ultimately selected. To date, US Sailing has firm orders for 1,000 books.

  2. Area F meeting. An Executive Committee member has been invited to attend the Area F meeting on January 13 – unfortunately, however, no one is currently available due to previous commitments.

  3. Report on Anti-Doping requirements. Fred Hagedorn noted that as of the beginning of October, 2000, USOC transferred responsibility for Anti-doping policies to the US Anti-Doping Agency. The USADA now require that elite athletes to participate in No Advance Notice (NAN), namely unannounced drug testing. Our top sailors are complying.


  10.  Unfinished Business

  1. Dues increase. Stephen Jeffries noted that when we phase in three-year memberships, general accounting requirements do not specify that we separate the cash, however he recommended that we set up a separate account. This recommendation was supported by the other Executive Committee members.

  2. Prince of Wales National Match Racing Championship. The Executive Committee deferred to its December meeting action on the Prince of Wales National Match Racing Championship, so that further research can be done.

  3. Draft changes that would enable appeals of protest committee decisions made under rule 69.1 to go to the Article 14 Review Board, rather than to the Appeals Committee, were deferred.

  4. Executive Session – Article 14 AND RRS 69 Matters - Stan Betts and TK Wegg were excused and left the meeting and Mr. Lane was recognized, after which the Executive Committee and the Executive Director continued in executive session respecting Article 14 and RRS 69 matters. Ted Everingham excused himself at the appropriate point during this session.

  5. Executive Session – Terry Harper excused himself and Ted Everingham was called by Mike Schoettle to rejoin the meeting. The meeting continued in Executive Session until it was adjourned.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:25 pm (Eastern Time). The next meeting will be by telephone conference call at 8 pm (Eastern Time) on Tuesday, December 19, 2000.


Sarah J. Alger, Secretary



Attachment – Approved Committee Lists


Judges Committee for 2001

Jim Capron, Chairman

Ron Ward, Chairman, Umpires Subcommittee

Sandy Grosvenor, Secretary

John Dieselman, Area A 

Mary M. Savage, Area B 

Brad Dellenbaugh, Area C 

Ann F. Newton, Area D

Ted Everingham, Area E 

Martin Ottenheimer, Area F 

Tom Roberts, Area G

Richard H. Lootens, Area H East

Joe Cochran, Area H West 

Barry Ault, Area J]

L. Warwick Coppleson, Area K


Appeals Committee for 2001

William Bentsen, Chairman 

Jim Capron

Charles Cook 

Brad Dellenbaugh

Thomas Farquhar 

David Perry 


Racing Rules Committee for 2001

Rob Overton, Chairman

Ben Altman

William Bentsen

Arthur Engel

Richard Rose

Mary M. Savage




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