US SAILING Executive Committee
November 16, 2004 8:00 p.m. E.S.T
Telephone Conference

President Janet Baxter called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.


Present were Janet C. Baxter, Dean Brenner, Jim Capron, Ruth Creighton, Susan Epstein, Louise Gleason, Fred Hagedorn, Dick Hanneman, Tom Hubbell, Patty Lawrence, Bill Lee, Leslie Keller, Rich Jepsen, Bill Munster, Joni Palmer and Bill Sandberg.  Also present were James Appel, Budget Director, and Nick Craw, Executive Director.


            Action Items: 

            A motion to approve the Board of Director Minutes of Oct. 24,            2004, as amended,  was made, seconded and carried.


            A motion to approve the Executive Committee minutes of Oct. 20-24, 2004, as amended, was made, seconded and carried.


            A motion to approve the minutes of the US SAILING Annual General Meeting of Oct. 23, 2004, was made, seconded and carried.


President Baxter reminded members of the Executive Committee Code of Conduct, which has been distributed.  She noted that Past President Dave Irish was elected a Vice President of the International Sailing Federation at its recent meeting.  Other ISAF highlights include:  changed in the ISAF rating systems which improve the ratings of North American events; a decision to require that Olympic qualifying events be held on different continents; approval of the Laser Radial and Neal Pryde RS:X for the next Olympics; and a wording change in Rule 3 of the 2005-2008 Rule Book.


Executive Director Nick Craw indicated that year end financial results are expected to be above break even, although the goal of a $230,000 surplus will not be met. 


Budget Director James Appel asked that the Board of Directors decision in Portland to make monthly transfers to Operating Reserves be formalized as a Regulation.


            Action Item:


            A motion to add to US SAILING Regulation 7, “Twelve Thousand Dollars       ($12,000) shall be transferred to the Operation Reserve Fund until that Fund  reaches a total value of $1,100.000.  These funds may be co-mingled with the  USOC accounts for investment purposes.”  The motion was seconded and carried.


Treasurer Leslie Keller reported that the Current Ratio is 1.60-1.00, and that except for one receivable account, both payable and receivable accounts are in acceptable ranges.  She noted that the staff is working on the details concerning the US SAILING Olympic Committee shortfall from last year.


Dean Brenner expressed concern that donations to the USSF are subject to administration fees that discourage potential contributors.  Until that issue can be resolved, donors can make donations to US SAILING which does not deduct administrative fees.


Susan Epstein, Chair of the Council of Sailing Associations announced a new fund raising effort being proposed to the CSA, an initiative to raising funds for both the Olympic Sailing Program and youth development. The proposed Grassroots Olympic
Challenge will involve all U.S. sailors in with funds sent directly to the USOSC to be allocated directly to the Olympic Sailing Program and youth development. This proposed effort will be independent of the major donor type fundraising already in place at US SAILING.


President Baxter submitted committee nominees for approval.  Additional committee member names will be submitted in December.


            Action Items:

            A motion to approve the committee members as submitted was made, seconded and carried.


            A motion to approve the schedule for Executive Committee meetings for the next year, meetings to be held on the third Monday of each month, was made, seconded and carried.


Patty Lawrence reported on the success of the first One Design Symposium, noting that 118 attended.  She noted that the staff was particularly helpful in both organizing and helping to run the event.  Plans are underway to hold a similar Symposium in 2005.


            Action Item:


           Motion made, seconded and carried that the Excom thank the US SAILING staff members who volunteered their time, enthusiasm and expertise at the One-Design Sailing Symposium. They introduced a friendly, professional US SAILING face to the one-design class leadership. In particular, Lee Parks deserves many kudos for her work with both the ODSS organizing team and throughout the       Symposium


There was general discussion and concern about an executive decision to revise the way US SAILING passes health insurance costs to employees. 



            Action Item:

           A motion that the Executive Committee express concern to the Executive Director about employee health insurance decisions and request a special meeting Nov. 23, 2004, to have the details of the decision discussed and explained, was made seconded and carried.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 E.S.T.


Dick Hanneman, Secretary