Executive Committee Minutes
January 21, 2004

1. President Janet Baxter called the meeting to order at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time.

2. Members present were: Janet Baxter, Dean Brenner, Jim Capron, Ruth Creighton, Bruce Eissner, Don Durant, Fred Hagedorn, Dick Hanneman, Tom Hubbell, Leslie Keller, Patty Lawrence, Jim Muldoon, Bill Munster, and Bill Ross. Also present were Executive Director Nick Craw, Budget Director Hortensia Hacker, and Board of Director Guest Clark Chapin. Article 14 Chairman Robert Lane was present for the opening of the meeting. Absent were Paul Callahan, and Joni Palmer.

3. Action Item:
A motion to accept the minutes of the December 16, 2003 Executive Committee meeting was made, seconded and carried.

4. A discussion led by Jim Capron and Robert Lane resulted in the following actions:

5. Action Items:
A motion that "all decisions of the Article 14 Review Board or Hearing Panel shall be published, so long as all references to boats, yacht clubs, individuals or other parties have been redacted," was made seconded and carried

6. A motion to "refer this action to publish Article 14 decisions to the Bylaws Committee to be incorporated into Article 14 of the US SAILING Bylaws," was made, seconded and carried

7. After discussion on the role of an Ombudsman to assist with procedural issues involved in protests and appeals, recommended the selection of a Working Party to clarify the function, select a title, determine the appointment process, scope and reporting structure. President Baxter will select the Working Party members.

8. President Baxter announced that she was attending Key West Race Week promoting the activities and membership of US SAILING to the participants.

9. Executive Director Nick Craw reported that payables have been reduced by $100,000, and that the year end membership campaign increased deferred revenue to $600,000.Because of soft ware changes, the Audit will not be completed in time for the Spring Board of Directors meeting. All Directors and Committee Chairs will be informed of that situation in a letter from Audit Chair Joe Melino. The Board will be asked to decide whether to accept the final audit in a mail vote or defer that decision until the Annual General Meeting in October, 2004.

10. Treasurer Leslie Keller announced that net working capital has improved with the decrease in past due receipts. She also reported that the new accounting software should be "live" in early March and that the Credit line has remained stable.

11. Action Item:
A motion to approve the Committee list as presented was made, seconded and carried.

12. USSAILING Olympic Committee chair Fred Hagedorn reported that the Rolex OCR will follow Key West Race Week and that almost 500 boats have already been entered. He announced that the New York Yacht Club would host an Olympic Team fund raising event on May 18, 2004 in New York City.

13. Action Item:
A motion the approve the Betina Betts Pacific Yacht Club Challenge as a Grade 4 Match Racing event at Newport Harbor, was made, seconded and carried.

14. In an effort to allow more time for strategic planning at the Spring Meeting in Mobile, the Executive Committee will have a special telephone conference call on March 8, prior to its first meeting in Mobile.

15. Jim Muldoon discussed the coming workshop on Personal Floatation Devices to be held in Miami on Feb. 13, 2004, in conjunction with the Miami Boat Show. The workshop is co-sponsored by the United States Coast Guard, NASBLA (National Association of State Boating Law Administrators) and NBSAC (National Boating Safety Advisory Committee). Mr. Muldoon pointed out that while sailing accidents account for a very small portion of the 500-600 boating related deaths by drowning each year, the real issue under discussion is to develop a PFD that people will wear and one that the authorities will approve.

16. Action Item:
A motion stating: "Because it is the policy of US SAILING to encourage open discussion on the issues surrounding the use of PFDs, and because we support safety for sailors, we should inform our membership about the workshop discussion to require PFDs in boats of less than 20 feet being presented in Miami. We encourage our members to participate in the discussions and to get involved in the process." The motion was moved, seconded and carried.

17. Bruce Eissner discussed proposed Prescriptions to the US IMS regulations brought about after ISAF assumed jurisdiction for competitor classifications.

18. Action Items:
A motion to revise the wording of ISAF Regulation 104.1: "Competitor Eligibility for Racing Under US SAILING Jurisdiction: The regulations for competitor eligibility are Class Rules and, unless specified otherwise in the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions, shall apply to all races designated "IMS." Moved, seconded and Carried.

19. A motion to revise the IMS Regulation 104.3, Remunerated Crew, to help eliminate varying levels of remunerated crew now occurring within three active IMS classes in the U.S., the IMS 40 fleet, the Great Lakes IMS 70s fleet and the East Coast IMS 50s fleet, and the US fleet in general. Moved, seconded and carried.

20. Jim Muldoon announced that the USCG is in need of a 60-70 foot boat to do an Ocean Voyage to Ireland, as part of the United States Coast Guard Academy training program.

21. An Executive Session followed.

22. The Meeting was adjourned at 10:40 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Respectfully submitted,

Dick Hanneman,