Executive Committee Minutes
May 20, 2003

President Dave Rosekrans called the meeting to order at 8 p.m. EDT.

1 Executive Committee members present were: Janet Baxter, Paul Callahan, Jim Capron, Ruth Creighton, Don Durant, Bruce Eissner, Fred Hagedorn, Dick Hanneman, Tom Hubbell, Stephen Jeffries, Jim Muldoon, Bill Munster, Joni Palmer, Dave Rosekrans, and Bill Ross. Not present: Louise Gleason. Guests present were BOD members Betsy Beddow and Patty Lawrence, Budget Director Hortensia Hacker and Executive Director Nick Craw.

2 Minutes of the April 15,2003 ExCom Meeting will be redistributed and approved
by e-mail.*

3 President Rosekrans announced that he would attend the ISAF meeting in Oslo later in the week

4 Executive Director Nick Craw reported that membership is slightly ahead of last year at this time. He cautioned that current positive budget variances are timing related, and are expected to shift as we move through the fiscal year.

A Motion to require approval of the Treasurer and Budget Director before accessing a line of credit was made, seconded and approved.

5 There was no additional Treasurer’s report.

6 Budget Director Hortensia Hacker announced that state registration for fund raising is nearly completed. The fund raising plans include individual solicitations and general mailing, as well as an attempt to identify future solicitors.

7 US SAILING Olympic Committee Chair Fred Hagedorn reported that most of the conflicts arising out of an unexpected boat selection change by the Pan American Games had been resolved. Although 8 of the 9 class issues are in place, it appears that the Lightning will not be included in this year’s event.
He also announced that 30 to 40 American sailors are currently competing in various summer events in Europe, leading up to SPA.
8 A Motion to approved members of the Alter Cup Committee was made, seconded and carried.

9 A proposal to allow the US SAILING logo to be modified for groups within US SAILING was referred to staff for further review.

10 A Motion to sanction Block Island Race Week and the Flip Flop Regatta was made, seconded and approved.

11 A Motion to delegate sanctioning power to the chair of the Race Management Committee was made, seconded and failed to carry.

12 A Motion to approve the nomination of Eugene Hinkel as International Measurer for the International Sonar Class was made, seconded and carried.

13 President Rosekrans reported that the US SAILING policy on web privacy had been misinterpreted, and that the issue would be resolved with Harborwatch. The policy provides that only the name of an individual member, and no other personal information, is to be available on the web.

14 Jim Muldoon announced a U.S. Coast Guard grant of $30,000 for the "Brendon in a Box" program, part of which will be used to develop a listing of all Junior Sailing programs. He reported that the Power Squadron has expressed an interest in developing a Memo of Understanding with respect to working with US SAILING.

An Executive Session Followed. **

The Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m. EDT.

Respectfully submitted,

Dick Hanneman, Secretary

* The Executive Committee minutes of 4/15/03, as corrected, were approved by an e-mail vote on May 29, 2003, and were posted on the US SAILING web site as of that date.

** A decision with respect to the US SAILING office lease was delayed pending further information. Subsequently, a motion to authorize the Executive Director to renew our current lease for three (3) years was made and seconded by e-mail. The action to renew the lease was approved on June 2, 2003 with 12 voting “yes,” 1 voting “no,” and 2 abstaining.