MARCH 16,2003


 1.         Pres. Dave Rosekrans called the meeting to order at 7 a.m. E.S.T.  Members present were Janet Baxter, Jim Capron, Ruth Creighton, Don Durant, Bruce Eissner, Louise Gleason, Fred Hagedorn, Dick Hanneman, Tom Hubbell, Stephen Jeffries, Jim Muldoon, Joni Palmer, Dave Rosekrans and Bill Ross.   Also present were Exec. Dir. Nick Craw, and Budget Director Hortensia Hacker, Absent: Paul Callahan and Bill Munster..

 2.         The ExCom minutes of March 13, 2003 were approved as revised.

 3.         Jim Muldoon described a plan by which the Power Boat Course offered by the Training Department would have a modification to the US SAILING logo to indicate powerboats, and to use URLs  www.uspowerboat.com and www.uspowerboat.net.  There was no objection to the use of the URL, but consensus was that the logo modification should be reviewed by the Legal Department and distributed to the ExCom before any approval.

 4.         Jim Capron, for the Race Administration Committee, moved that the current Regulation 6.08 be deleted and replaced with “Reg. 6.08: All published decisions of the Appeals Committee shall be made available on the US SAILING website.”  Seconded and Carried.

 He further moved that current regulation 6.09 be deleted and replaced with:  Reg. 6.09: All disciplinary actions by the Executive Committee under Article 14 or Rule 69 shall be made available on the US SAILING website.”   Seconded and Carried.

 5.         Nominating committee Chair, Jim Muldoon proposed the following revision in the US SAILING By-laws: 

Article Eleven-Committees.  7. Nominating Committee.  7(b) Duties---Delete the second sentence “The committee’s slate of nominees shall be published in the Association’s membership magazine in an issue mailed no later than thirty days before the annual meeting.”

Add to the Regulations:   “The Nominating Committee’s slate of nominees shabby be made available on the US SAILING website no later than thirty days before the Annual Meeting.”


Both motions were approved as presented.

 6.         The Fast and Fun program has requested permission to use the US SAILING logo on a second trailer and truck being purchased for the program.  All vehicles and boats are insured.  The ExCom approved the proposal.

 7.         A request was made to produce a clearly stated and available policy that describes how a person can donate and fund a US SAILING trophy.  The matter was referred to the Executive Director.

 8.         Tom Hubble reported than an effort will be made to secure a Coast Guard grant for a new software for a training course named “Seamanship for Small Boats.”  Bill Munster will follow up on the grant.

 9.         The Legal Committee, at the request of the Executive Committee,  presented the following recommendation:

 1.The USSAILING Legal Committee recommends that US SAILING request the US SAILING Center, Martin County, and any other sailing center using the US SAILING name, remove requirements for boat charterers to sign any Indemnification and/or Hold Harmless Agreements.

 2.The Legal Committee recommends that if the US SAILING Center, Martin County, refused to follow US SAILING’s policy that US SAILING consider withdrawing the use of the US SAILING name take any other actions US SAILING deems reasonable.

 3.The Legal committee endorses the long-standing US SAILING policy prohibiting Indemnification and Hold Harmless clauses in any sail race matter.  The Legal Committee also recommends that the policy be formalized, adopted and incorporated in the US SAILING Regulations.

 A second Legal Committee recommendation, made at the request of the Executive Director, was also distributed in the form of a draft concerning “Guidelines for Eligibility Requirements for Sailing Events in the United Sates. The draft addresses the requirements of the Ted Stevens Act regarding eligibility.

 These two recommendations will all be reviewed and discussed in the next ExCom meeting.

 The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 a.m.

Next ExCom meeting:  Tuesday April 15, 2003 Telephone Conference

Respectfully submitted,
Dick Hanneman, Secretary.