Executive Committee members present were: Janet Baxter, Jim Capron, Ruth Creighton, Don Durant, Louise Gleason, Fred Hagedorn, Dick Hanneman Tom Hubbell, Stephen Jeffries, Bill Munster, Joni Palmer, Dave Rosekrans, and Bill Ross.  Members absent were:  Paul Callahan, Bruce Eissner, and Jim Muldoon. 

Guests present were: Sarah Alger, Dave Irish, Hortensia S. Hacker, Arthur Fox, and Nick Craw. 

Minutes:  Motion made, seconded and approved to accept the minutes of the Oct. 19, 2002 Annual General Meeting, subject to the addition of Attachment A 

Motion made, seconded and approved to accept the minutes of the Oct. 20, 2002 Executive Committee Meeting as amended. 

Motion made, seconded and approved to accept the minutes of the Oct. 20, 2002 Board of Directors meeting as corrected. 

President’s Remarks: Dave Rosekrans reported that he had contacted all committee chairs by mail to encourage them to appoint qualified athletes and women to their committee. 

A discussion about committee conflicts resulted in the following motion:

 “In the interest of separating what is the equivalent of the Legislative and Judiciary functions between the Rules and Appeals Committees, and with a commitment to encourage the addition of qualified new members to both committees, the Executive Committee recommends that no more than one person should serve on both the Rules and the Appeals Committees simultaneously.”  The motion was seconded and approved.

 ISAF: Dave Irish reported on the recent ISAF meeting and referred to the US SAILING and ISAF web pages for additional information. 

 Treasurer:  Stephen Jeffries reported that the cash position is currently favorable, and we anticipate that the small loss we will incur this year is well under the loss we had budgeted.   Year-end reports will reflect the change from fiscal to calendar year reporting, and will close on Dec.31, 2002.  A complete report is attached to the E.D.’s Remarks. 

Budget:  Hortensia Hacker, chair of the budget committee, discussed plans to begin zero based budgeting in the 2004 calendar year. This will result in a basic cost/benefit analysis of each program to develop budget numbers, rather than continuing the current method that uses last year’s numbers to develop current budgets.

 A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the implementation of zero based budgeting principles.

 Executive Director:  The E.D.’s monthly report has been distributed.  He reported that new salary administration policies would be put into effect for both exempt and non-exempt staff. 

 It was moved, seconded and carried that “the Executive Committee delegate four members to review and approve the new insurance contracts for the E.D.’s signature after receiving an acceptable legal opinion.”  The four members are Stephen Jeffries, Fred Hagedorn, Dave Rosekrans and Bruce Eissner.

 The E.D. also advised of his intention to close the office between Christmas and New Year's in appreciation for the staff's efforts this year and to afford them a little extra time with their families during the holidays.

 Event Sanctions:  Motion to sanction Key West Race Week and SORC was made, seconded and carried.

 It was moved, seconded and carried that US SAILING supports the Rolex Women’s Match Race in its request to ISAF that the event be classified as Grade 4.

 Olympics: Fred Hagedorn reported on USOC issues:

*Bill Martin has been nominated for Vice President and Secretary of the USOC.

*The IOC ExCom  will review the keelboat question for 2008 at its sessions next year.

*Six of nine Pan Am Trials have been completed and five of eleven pre-trials have held.

 Risk Management: Ruth Creighton advised that many insurance companies now require organizations to have both risk management programs and risk management committees.

 Motion made, seconded and approved to “Reinstate the US SAILING Risk Management Committee. 

 Olympic Development Regatta:  Motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the concept of the Olympic Development Regatta.  There will be no direct budget effects to US SAILING.

 Brief Description of ODR:  This event will encourage sailors into the Olympic classes during or just after college and allow them to begin to understand the needs of a full campaign.  Olympic classes included will be the 470, Europe, Tornado and sail board.  There will be 3 days of coaching and then 2 days of informal racing.

 Classes excluded – Laser, Star, Yngling. The keelboats are being left out due to cost and logistics. Lasers have many regattas throughout the year and in all areas of the country. 

 The ODR is not meant to be a training event, but a means to introduce potential Olympic campaigners to the classes. We will provide all necessary information needed to attend this event such as transportation, housing and charter boat information, but none of these will be “provided”

 Summary: The ODR will be an opportunity to get in an Olympic class, work with the Olympic coaches, and perhaps begin an Olympic campaign. There are no additional costs to US SAILING, but there could be big potential gains in Olympic level sailing.

 Executive Session:  The guests left the call and the ExCom met in Executive Session to discuss Article 14/Rule 69 matters.

 Meeting adjourned at 9:30 P.M., Eastern Standard Time.

 Respectfully submitted.

 Dick Hanneman, Secretary