Present were Executive Committee members Sarah Alger, Don Durant, Bruce Eissner, Louise Gleason, Fred Hagedorn, Tom Hubbell, Jim Muldoon, Dave Rosekrans, John Ross, and Mike Schoettle. Also present was Executive Director Nick Craw, and at the invitation of the President, the US SAILING staff, which included Nel Roberts, Jonathan Harley, Lee Parks, Lacey Howe, Penny Piva, Cynthia Leary Johnson, and the nominated members of the 2003 Executive Committee.

1.       Minutes. 

  • Motion: a motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the September 17, 2002, Executive Committee minutes.

2.       President’s Remarks.  Dave Rosekrans asked Nel Roberts to review the US SAILING Demographic Survey of Individual Members.  There was an impressive 15% response rate.  The purpose was to learn more about members – who they are.  The second part of the survey included personal demographics to better understand our membership, with one goal being to  attract more sponsors. Dave Rosekrans introduced the Executive Director’s report by complimenting Lee Parks and Nick Craw on their efforts on the Insurance review.

3.       Executive Director’s Report. 

5.a.    Insurance Proposals.  Nick Craw reported that the staff reviewed the four proposals that were received as a result of the RFP and evaluating them using a comprehensive scorecard. 

5.b.    Key West Sanctioning.  Nick Craw noted that as a matter of policy, US SAILING was sanctioning events and offering considerable liability insurance as part of that sanctioning.  However, recent and considerable increases in the costs of insurance have necessitated the establishment of a sanctioning fee and an increase in the cost to event organizers.  However, the cost to members is still considerably below market.

5.c.    Budget.  The budget was distributed in advance, and the stub budget was distributed at the meeting. Nick Craw noted that the goal is to build the reserves of US SAILING by creating a revenue dependent budget.  The budget plan calls for five departments to end the year in the black.  The staff worked hard to contain costs to absorb about $100,000 in unanticipated costs.  Dave Rosekrans and Nick Craw will serve as a budget review committee during the AGM.  Nick Craw noted that production of the budget required considerable effort by the staff.  Fred Hagedorn complimented Nick Craw and the staff on the presentation of the budget and the inclusion of discussion on the thinking behind the budget. Dave Rosekrans reported his hope that serious discussion of the budget would occur during the AGM.

6.       Olympic Report.  Fred Hagedorn

6.a.    Lands End Contract.  Lands End has agreed to be the casual clothing sponsor for the US SAILING team, US Disabled Sailing team, and US Youth team.  One to two catalogs will have a 1-2 page spread on the US SAILING team and/or US SAILING, providing considerable visibility for the association.  Lands End is very excited about this relationship and the opportunity to emphasize its sailing heritage

·         Motion:  a motion was made, seconded and passed to allow Lands End to have one-time use of the US SAILING membership list for up to two times a year for the life of the contract.

6.b.    Fund Raising.  The campaign feasibility study has been completed and was presented to the fundraising working party.  The study results indicate that an effort to raise $1 million a year for five years of expendable funds to support the operating costs of the Olympic effort and raise endowment to help support the athletes would be feasible.  Raising funds for US SAILING as a whole did not come back as a viable possibility at this time. US SAILING needs to build relationships and positive awareness with its membership base before that would be possible.  He noted that all fundraising efforts will be coordinated through Nick Craw. 

6.c.    Clearwater Community Sailing Association.  The CCSA is proposing to make their facility available at no cost to US SAILING team members and to hold free clinics for athletes. In return, they have requested that they be named as a US SAILING Center.  The Olympic Sailing Committee has been using their site and found that it is an excellent venue for small boat clinics. The executive committee suggested that specific guidelines be developed regarding what requirements would be associated with such designation before seeking approval.

7.       Organizational Dues.  John Ross reported that CSA, General Services and Nel Roberts have been working on the issue of organizational dues, and will be presenting a board action item to simplify the sailing organization membership categories, which would save considerable time and effort on the part of the staff.

8.       Information Technology Task Force.  Dave Rosekrans said that several people have proposed that US SAILING establish an information technology task force to help the association stay up to speed on technology, including web site operations. It was commented that US SAILING should have a technology plan

9.       Friday Roundtables.  Dave Rosekrans stated that the goal of the Friday roundtables is to give the Executive Committee an opportunity to check in with members regarding their views of US SAILING and what it is doing.  

10.   ISAF World Sailor of the Year.  Jonathan Harley distributed information on nominees for the ISAF World Sailor of the Year.

11.   Liaison for Committees to the Executive Committee.  Dave Rosekrans stated that currently most committees and councils report to the President, and the need exists to decrease the number of committees that report directly to the President. Mike Schoettle noted that the goal is to improve communication and reminded the Executive Committee that it approved the concept of establishing liaisons at a previous meeting. Dave Rosekrans noted that the goal is not to make any changes in the current bylaws, but to streamline communication.  He presented an outline for how to organize the committees and councils, which ensures that each committee chair has an individual on the Executive Committee responsible for representing their interests. 

12.   New Business

12.a.Jim Muldoon stated that he has been asked to establish a network of individuals responsible for distributing information regarding terrorist information.  In addition, the Coast Guard and military have had a number of difficulties with boaters entering …. Zones, and is seeking a way of disseminating information regarding this.

13.   Executive Session (Executive Committee members only).  

Meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Sarah Alger

Next Executive Committee meeting - Sunday, October 20, 2002, at 7:00 a.m. (Pacific time).