Present were Executive Committee members Sarah Alger, Jim Capron, Don Durant, Bruce Eissner, Fred Hagedorn, Tom Hubbell (joined late), Stephen Jeffries, Jim Muldoon, Joni Palmer, Dave Rosekrans, John Ross, and Mike Schoettle. Also present were Executive Director Nick Craw and, at the invitation of the President, board members Jack Ruby and Dick Tilman.  Guest Larry Ledgerwood was present for the Strategic Planning discussion.

1.       Approval of the Executive Committee Minutes.

·         Motion: a motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the January 22, 2002 Executive Committee minutes.

2.      President’s Remarks. Dave Rosekrans noted that the Rolex Yachtsmen/Yachtswomen awards presentation was a great event. He reported that a donation of $25,000 has been received on behalf of Roy Disney from the Walt Disney Company for the US SAILING Youth Championships in San Diego. He also noted that all publicity for the event mentioning the Disney name must be approved in advance by the Disney Company. 

3.       Treasurer’s Report.  Revenue and expense numbers reported in the Executive Director’s Report were reviewed briefly. There were several questions about the accuracy of the numbers. (Subsequent to the meeting these were determined to be correct and were explained by Nick Craw.) The audit is in draft form and is now being reviewed by the audit committee. 

4.       Executive Director’s Report. Nick Craw noted that an assessment has been conducted of US SAILING’s technology status and needs by a consultant, Dennis Dean.  Next step is to develop an action plan and timeline for implementation of improved systems.

5.       Strategic Planning. Mike Schoettle discussed the Executive Committee’s strategic planning session, which will occur the day before the spring meeting begins. He introduced Larry Ledgerwood, a consultant and facilitator, who will again be facilitating the session. The plan is to have goals and priorities established by the end of the day that link the organization’s mission and strategies. 

6.       Olympic Report.  Fred Hagedorn reported that the 2002 Rolex Miami OCR had 26 countries, 282 boats, and 434 athletes.  Essentially, US SAILING had an event that was larger than the Olympics.  Rolex USA is cutting back on events it sponsors; however, it is hoped that they will be able to keep this event on their list. Part of the US SAILING Team has been named.  The 2002 Rolex Miami OCR qualified teams for the Athens regatta (the first test event for the 2006 Olympic Games) and the 2002 ISAF World Sailing Games. Fred Hagedorn also reported that the first-ever meeting of the entire sailing team was held after the 2002 Rolex Miami OCR.  In addition, the first meeting of the Campaign Planning Committee was held in mid-February and a draft fundraising prospectus is being finalized, so that it can be taken into the market and tested.

7.       Vanguard Contract. Dave Rosekrans noted that a draft contract was distributed. The Executive Committee agreed to have the contract signed after revision to the paragraph on indemnification as requested by Mr. Jeffries.

8.       Old Business.

8.a.       Committee Member Ratification. New Rules Committee members, Charles Raulston and Jeff Becker, were ratified. 

9.       New Business.

9.a.    Coast Guard.  Due to increased vigilance following September 11, some concerns have been raised regarding regattas and, particularly, the crossing of shipping lanes.  Jim Muldoon asked that if any issues arise, they be forwarded to him.  

9.b.    Safety Regulations.  Bruce Eissner reported that the Safety Regulations have gone to print – on time. The ExCom expressed its gratitude to Ron Trossback for his efforts in accomplishing this feat.

10.   Executive Session (Executive Committee members and Executive Director only)

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Sarah Alger

Next Executive Committee meeting - Thursday, March 14, 2002 at 7:00 pm (Mountain standard time) in Colorado Springs, CO.