Present were Executive Committee members Sarah Alger, Paul Callahan, Jim Capron, Charley Cook, Don Durant, Bruce Eissner, Louise Gleason, Fred Hagedorn, Tom Hubbell, Stephen Jeffries, Jim Muldoon, Joni Palmer, Dave Rosekrans, John Ross, and Mike Schoettle. Also present was Executive Director Nick Craw.

1.       Approval of the Executive Committee Minutes.

·         Motion: a motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the December 18, 2001 Executive Committee minutes.

2.       President’s Remarks. Dave Rosekrans reported that the Championships schedule has been developed and posted on the US SAILING web site, achieving a long-standing goal to complete the schedule during the winter. The Lake Michigan PHRF has donated $1,000 to support the Offshore wind tunnel research.  The President was pleased to share that Steve Fossett and Cory Sertl have been named the Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the year. Finally, he noted that he recently visited The Gulf Coast Yachting Association in Mobile, Alabama and Area F in Oklahoma City.  It was great to be with people who were so excited and enthusiastic about sailing.

3.      Treasurer’s Report. Stephen Jeffries noted that it appears the audited numbers will change dramatically from the unaudited results.  The auditors would like US SAILING to “book” various non-cash items, which will significantly impact our results.  This will take the organization from a positive to a negative bottom line.  He also reported that the November expenses have been distributed.  The Executive Committee noted that now that a new Executive Director is on board, it is time to formally review our auditing process, something that hasn’t been done in a number of years.

4.       Executive Director’s Report.

4.a.    Membership Report.  As of Jan 19, 2002, memberships are total 41,529, slightly down from last year when they totaled 42,347 at this time.

4.b.    Work Plan.  Nick Craw reported that staff has been focusing primarily on Task 1 (integrated data management and accounting system) and Task 3 (streamlining processes), which essentially have become one task. Staff is currently reviewing the documentation of US SAILING’s processes, which will help determine technology needs. He noted that it will probably take at least six months to select and implement the optimum information system.  For Task 2 (data security), RFPs have been sent out and staff is waiting for responses. On Task 4 (membership), Nel Roberts has just returned from conducting the last focus group and expects that valuable information will result.  He and the staff are continuing to examine all of the processes and procedures, looking at how to streamline the organization and save costs.  In addition, he is finding cost commitments that were not accounted for in the budget, which further increase the need for all costs to be examined and minimized.

5.       Olympic Report.  Fred Hagedorn reported that the Miami Rolex OCR begins next week in Miami.  This will be the first time that the disabled and able-bodied US SAILING team will be together, and a full meeting of both teams is planned. The Coconut Grove Sailing Center will be the Headquarters for the event.

6.       Spring Meeting. Dave Rosekrans reported that an Air Force color guard would be opening the spring meeting in Colorado Springs, and that attendees would have an opportunity to tour the USOC training center.  In addition, former interim executive director Bill Placke and his wife have accepted an invitation to be our guests of honor at the meeting.  Finally, the draft schedule for the spring meeting was discussed. The schedule will be posted on the web site.  Further changes to the schedule must first have the approval of the appropriate chair and should be presented to Wanda Tuck, who will forward them to Sarah Alger for final approval.

7.       Strategic Planning Meeting. Mike Schoettle noted that the Executive Committee will be holding a strategic planning session on Wednesday, March 13. The meeting will by facilitated by Larry Ledgerwood.  Nell Roberts will present an overview of the results of the focus group at the beginning of the discussions. 

8.       Old Business.

8.a.    Committee List. TK Wegg was ratified as a member of the Audit committee.

8.b.    Directory Distribution.  Comments received regarding the plan for the directory distribution have been incorporated in the distribution plan (Attachment A). The plan calls for volunteers to receive the directory at no cost. All others requesting a directory will be charged a shipping and handling fee.  The Executive Committee agreed that members of US SAILING donating more than minimum dues should receive a coupon enabling them to receive a directory at no charge. 

9.       New Business.

9.a.    Appeals Forum. Jim Capron requested that, as a pilot, the Appeals Forum be scheduled for Saturday afternoon during the spring meeting, rather than on the Thursday before the meeting, with the goal of increasing attendance.  The ExCom supported this experiment with the schedule.

10.   Executive Session (Executive Committee members and Executive Director only)

Meeting adjourned at 9:41 p.m.
Next Executive Committee meeting - Tuesday, February 19, 2002 at 8:00 pm (Eastern standard time).

Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Alger