Present were Executive Committee members Sarah Alger, Charley Cook, Jim Capron, Don Durant, Louise Gleason, Fred Hagedorn, Tom Hubbell, Stephen Jeffries, Jim Muldoon, Joni Palmer, Dave Rosekrans, John Ross, and Mike Schoettle. Bruce Eissner joined the call after the first item. Also present were Interim Executive Director William Placke, Executive Director Nick Craw and, at the invitation of the President, board members Adam Werblow and Melinda Berge. Staff member Dan Nowlan was invited for the discussion of the first item.

1.       Orbidex Proposal. Offshore Director Dan Nowlan briefly reviewed the status of development of the PHRF Toolbox and demonstration project on the web.  The demonstration was presented at recent US SAILING and ISAF Annual Governing Meetings to positive reviews.  He also announced that the Mackinac Race organizers have indicated that they plan to use the Toolbox for the 2002 race.  Initial reactions indicate that this project will be of great service to the grassroots offshore sailor. To date, the Toolbox has been developed with the firm Orbidex. Orbidex has submitted a proposal, which is being reviewed, to complete the project of making the Toolbox available via the Web.

·         Motion: a motion was made, seconded, and approved to authorize Nick Craw to negotiate and sign a contract with Orbidex, with one abstention and one nay. 

2.       Approval of the Executive Committee Minutes.

·         Motion: a motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the November 20, 2001 Executive Committee minutes, as amended.

3.       President’s Remarks. Dave Rosekrans noted that in January, nine focus groups looking at membership will be held in Boston, Detroit, and Los Angeles with current members, nonmembers, and lapsed members.

4.       Treasurer’s Report. Stephen Jeffries reported that unaudited financials indicate that US SAILING finished the year $11,000 to the positive. This is after incurring more than $150,000 in unanticipated costs associated with the resignation of Terry Harper and search for a new Executive Director. 

5.       Interim Executive Director’s Report.

5.a.    Membership Report.  Bill Placke reported that memberships are following the same trends as in previous months. Staff have been preparing for the focus groups. 

5.b.    Work Plan.  Work is proceeding with a consultant to map the information needs of the association, focusing particularly on the membership, training and accounting departments.  A matrix of all reports, input and output of each department is being developed to determine commonly shared/required information.  This will then be used in discussions with suppliers on how to better meet US SAILING’s information management needs.

5.c.    Human Resources Firm.  US SAILING has grown to a size where professional human resource support is needed.  Several firms are being interviewed to provide turn-key/outsourced support.

5.d.    Audit. Rooney-Plotkin is currently in the office conducting the end-of-year audit.

6.       Olympic Report.  Fred Hagedorn reported that the Olympic Sailing Committee has come to a final agreement with Rolex, and the event has been renamed the Rolex Miami OCR. The committee recently had a full, two-day planning meeting. The OSC is preparing for a meeting with the aspirants and members of the US SAILING Team and US Disabled Sailing Team at the conclusion of the Rolex Miami OCR. For the first time the Rolex Miami OCR is a mandatory event for all athletes participating in the US SAILING Team Ranking System, and for the first time the Paralympic Classes will be included in the event.

7.       Diversity Program. Fred Hagedorn noted that when the Ted Stevens Sports Act of 1998 was enacted, it included a requirement for the USOC to report on diversity on behalf of all of its member organizations.  Last year, the USOC asked for base information on diversity of these organizations.  US SAILING provided what data we have, however, the new USOC Partnership Agreement stipulates that US SAILING needs to provide and report on its programs and progress regarding diversity. Dave Rosekrans reported that he would be setting up a task force to work on this project. 

8.       Fund Raising.  Fred Hagedorn noted that a contract has been signed with Campbell and Company, and an ad hoc Campaign Planning Committee is being put together.

9.       2002 Women’s Match Racing World Championships.  Fred Hagedorn proposed the appointment of an eligibility committee to review resumes and nominate athletes for the 2002 Women’s Match Racing World Championships.

·         Motion: a motion was made, seconded and approved to have the OSC appoint a selection committee (taking into consideration the constituent groups interested in women’s racing and international competition) for the purpose to select athletes to attend the 2002 Women’s Match Racing World Championships, once the NOR was released and it was determined that US SAILING would be able to appoint any competitors.

10.   Simplified Rules. Jim Capron said that the issue of simplified rules has been much discussed and is a topic of interest among sailors.  US SAILING has had a “simplified” summary of the rules that apply when racing boats meet since 1998. Given recent interest, Dick Rose is updating it. Jim Capron proposed that the simplified rules be posted on the web site and be made available in print from US SAILING headquarters thereby increasing their visibility to the sailing/racing public.  He noted that the synopsis provides a highly useful summary for people entering the sport. It can’t be used in judging, doesn’t cover every situation, and sailors would be at risk if they used it in a protest, however, if followed, it should keep people out of the protest room. 

11.   Starting Sequence. Jim Capron noted that some clubs and sailors continue to prefer System 2 for starting. The Executive Committee reaffirmed that the benefits of having a single starting system around the world make it worthwhile to undergo the process of adoption.

·         Motion: a motion was made, seconded, and approved, with one opposed, to continue to support one starting system, with all of the flexibility inherent in that system, and to ask the Race Management Committee to continue its efforts to educate race officers and athletes on the merits of this system and ways to tailor it to local needs.

12.   Directory Distribution. A proposed distribution list will be sent to the Executive Committee for review.

13.   Membership Dues. On behalf of General Services, with the support of the Council of Sailing Associations and the One Design Class Council, John Ross presented a proposed change to the Membership Benefits. The purpose is to simplify the organizational dues structure and reduce confusion.

·         Motion:  a motion was made seconded, and approved to accept the General Services proposal to eliminate Section C of the Membership Benefits, which states “(C) Any yacht club, sailing club, one-design fleet, offshore fleet, or association may join US Sailing as a new member, or renew after a five year absence, for $75.00 per year for two years.”

14.   Committee Membership. New committee lists were distributed for Training, Inshore, Women’s Sailing, and Commercial Sailing. James Walsh and Phil Eaton were added to the Offshore Committee, while Don Glassell was removed.

·         Motion: a motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the above committee lists, as amended.  

15.   New Business.  On behalf of the entire organization, Dave Rosekrans expressed his deep appreciation for all of the work Bill Placke has done as interim Executive Director of US SAILING.  He has brought a high degree of professionalism to the organization, and also put his heart into the role.  He has positioned the organization and the staff well for future success during a period of change. Bill Placke noted that this is a world-renowned organization, and it has been a high honor to represent US SAILING, and he looks forward to watching its accomplishments.

16.   Executive Session (Executive Committee members and Executive Director only)

16.a. Appeals.

Meeting adjourned at 10:03 p.m.
Next Executive Committee meeting - Tuesday, January 22, 2002 at 8:00 pm (Eastern standard time).

Respectfully submitted

Sarah Alger